Closing on a business deal is cause for celebration. It should also get commemorated with a keepsake. The perfect keepsakes are deal toys.

A deal toy is a marketing idea used in the financial industry to honor the client as well as promote a brand. For example, when someone closes on a house, the mortgage broker or realtor will present the new homeowner with a deal toy.

Traditionally, deal toys also get referred to as a tombstone. It was a plaque readily displayed on a wall, desk, or bookshelf. Today, the items have expanded.

These plaques and other types of trophies are typically used in finance and property deals. They usually get presented at a closing ceremony or dinner.

Are you wondering if your company really needs to offer deal toys? Keep reading for a complete guide to business deal toys and find out why they are worth it.

Business Deal Toys as Promo Items

Business Deal Toys

Deal toys allow the moment to last forever. Closing on a deal isn’t always easy. When it happens, you and your team want to celebrate.

The presentation is likened to the person who participates in competitive sports. They receive a trophy recognizing their huge accomplishment. It’s a reminder that although you’re an adult, hard work should get celebrated.

When your company invests in business deal toys, they recognize the achievement. The bonus is the item doubles as a promotional product.

Although the recipient sees it as an award or trophy, it also contains your brand logo, tagline, and even a website or other contact information.

Marketing Ideas

3D Printing has evolved how trophies and plaques get designed. There are countless ways to create deal toys that are memorable and worthy of being placed on display.

You can create custom designs from your logo to symbols representing your product or logo. For example, someone in the food service industry can incorporate a chef’s hat, food item, or eating utensils.

Utilize Different Materials

Cost of Deal Toys

Deal toys can also include promotional products for tradeshows, conventions, and employee meetings. Your budget determines the type of product you can design.

Crystal, wood, granite, metal, you name it. You can incorporate multiple designs in your marketing ideas.

Laser printing allows you to engrave messages, names, dates, and more into the design. You can essentially create a work of art that boldly displays the giver of the gift.

What Is the Cost?

Remember, individuals receive deal toys in recognition of an accomplishment. You can expect to spend anywhere a minimum of $100 per item. The cost increases based on the type of material and design details.

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Celebrate Someone Today!

Now that you know what deal days are and how they get used, is there someone you want to recognize? Remember, promotional products are a business expense.

Make someone’s day, promote your brand, and get a tax deduction all-in-one. It’s a win-win situation all-around.

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