Buying a commercial refrigerator is not the same as buying one for your kitchen. You can choose to gamble with your kitchen equipment but not something for your business. Make the wrong choice, and your whole business gets into a big mess.

With this in mind, you should take all the precautions when you go to the market to shop for a commercial refrigerator. Here is a simple guide that will help you choose the best refrigerator for your business.

1. Choose the Brand

The brand of your commercial fridge should have a huge impact on your buying. You should choose a trustable manufacturer. Probably one who has been in the market for a long and has a brand reputation can guarantee a quality product.

Consider quality other than price. Ask around or go online to check for reviews from other purchasers to see their experience with the brand. You can also view here the best quality brands in the market.

2. Consider Size

Refrigerators come in different sizes to suit consumer needs. The sizes are sometimes measured by doors, and they come in 1, 2, 3 doors. Double door commercial refrigerator is usually the best option. Ensure you check the exterior dimensions and see if it’s going to fit your commercial space.

Also, check the interior dimensions and how much storage space you’re going to get for your items. The outside look of some refrigerators can be so deceiving, and you might end up with a very small one if you don’t check the inside well.

Ensure you get a unit that will comfortably accommodate your business needs.

3. Does It Come with a Warranty

The answer to this question should be positive. If you get a negative answer, then you should continue shopping. It is stressful to have your refrigerator damaged a few months or even years after purchase, and you’re focused to pay so much to get it repaired.

Having a long-lasting warranty means you’ll not have a lot of trouble repairing your refrigerator in case of any problems. The best industrial refrigerator brands come with up to 3 years warranty inclusive of labor costs.

You can even get luckier if the warranty is accompanied by certified technicians who know their way through simple or complex refrigerator repairs. Don’t let a cheaper cost sway you into buying something that will end up costing you so much in doing repairs.

4. Consider the Usage of Your Commercial Refrigerator

You should consider how you’re going to use your refrigerator. This means the kind of food and the quantity your refrigerator is going to store at a time. Are you going to store raw food, cooked food, or both raw and cooked? Check if the fridge will be able to accommodate all these needs.

Aside from that, consider the people who are going to have access to it. If you have a self-service business, it means so many people are going to use the refrigerator. You need one that will display the content so that the customers have an easy time choosing. Go for an open-air one or a glass door refrigerator.

5. The Material

The durability of your industrial fridge is also highly dependent on the material used to make it. Items made from stainless steel come with superior strength, are durable, and are easy to clean. A good refrigerator should be made of stainless steel both inside and outside.

There are also refrigerators that come in plastic and aluminum construction. You should shy away from such materials because plastic materials are likely to crack, and aluminum is weak and prone to scratch. Aluminum and plastic will also give you a harder time cleaning.

6. Insulation

In any type of food, insulation should be given first priority. Go for heavy-duty foam insulation which will keep your food fresh even when there is no power. They are highly energy-efficient and will ensure you save up some coins on the power bill.

The foam should be sprayed all over beginning from the door to the sides of the fridge as well as from top to bottom. With this, you will be assured that your commercial fridge has a tight seal.

7. Where Is Your Condenser?

The condenser does most of the work in your refrigerator and should be a big factor when making a purchase. It determines how cold your food will remain.

Condensers come in bottom mount and top-mount. If you choose bottom mount units, you will have an easier time cleaning and maintaining your fridge. Top mount units don’t trap dust and debris and will not blow up dust into your food when you open the door. You should, therefore, weigh down these cons and pros and make an informed choice.

8. A Good Handle

Commercial refrigerators pass through the hands of many people. You should ensure the handle is strong enough not to break up when exposed to too much pressure. Try to find ones that come with recessed door handles since they are part of the door and won’t break off.

Stay away from barred door handles when purchasing a fridge for commercial use. These handles will not stand the test of time and can become loose or break up before even your fridge serves you long enough.

9. Temperature Control

You should be able to have full control of your refrigerator. A refrigerator that comes with digital temperature controls will give you the liberty to set the temperature to your desired degree.

They also come with a digital display, which indicates the working temperature. With this, you’ll not have to guess the temperature of your food and your food will remain fresh for a long time.


While there are so many options in the market to choose from, with these tips and precautions in mind, you will be able to get a perfect commercial refrigerator.

Ensure you don’t get swayed by cheaper costs or attractive features. The brand reputation and warranty are very important considerations.

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