Across America, the need for occupational safety training is on the rise. In 2020, the market for workplace safety training services is set to rise to an all-time high of $7.8 billion.

This means that a career in safety itself is becoming an appealing prospect for many, as the demand for a qualified safety professional across all industries is skyrocketing.

If you want to truly understand the nature of the safety industry in modern America, read on to find out five surprising jobs that require safety training today.

1. School Safety

This one may come as a surprise to many, but the demand for school safety training has skyrocketed across America in recent years.

Part of this is due to the rise in gun violence in our nation’s schools, which has meant that educators and students need to be aware of the safety risks and the precautions they can take to stay safe.

Another factor is the rise in compliance rules within the education system, which demand that students and teachers all receive proper health and safety training on a regular basis.

2. Office Safety

Anyone wondering how to become a safety manager will likely already be aware that office safety training makes up one of the biggest parts of the industry.

Although office jobs may seem cushy, there are a huge number of risks that workers must be informed of.

There are rules on heavy lifting, building security, back and joint care, and eye safety, to name a few. What’s more, many businesses mandate that all new employees receive training when starting their jobs.

3. Gardener Safety

America’s $47 billion gardening industry creates a lot of workers and a lot of safety requirements.

Since gardeners work with sharp tools and are outside for large portions of the day, there are a lot of important measures they must take in order to stay safe.

Fortunately, gardeners can benefit from online safety courses provided by platforms such as Safety Skills in order to stay clued up on their own safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

4. Firefighter Safety

While the occupational hazards of this job are pretty obvious, outsourced firefighter safety services are on the rise. The threats faced by firefighters are constantly evolving.

That means that the safety training they receive before starting the job can become outdated quickly.

That’s why a burgeoning market has emerged that caters to firefighters who need to stay on top of the latest threats in order to keep America safe.

5. Health Worker Safety

Although the job of a health worker is to keep others safe, it is also important that they keep themselves protected.

Whether in the hospital, ambulance, or care home, health workers face a wide variety of safety issues every single day.

That’s why there are professionals that cater specifically to these vital workers, ensuring that they know how to keep themselves safe on the job at all times.

Are You Ready for a Career in Safety?

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