Are you bored with the shows on your cable TV? Is your cable connection used less than normal? It may be time to cut the cord and cancel your cable subscription.

The internet era brings more than an online presence to us. In fact, only 65% of consumers pay for cable or satellite subscriptions. Among millennials, 51% subscribe to cable TV while a whopping 88% subscribe to internet services.

There are many reasons to get rid of cable. Below, we’ll give you 9 reasons to do it. Read on and find out how to get rid of cable.

1. There Are Online Alternatives for Free

Before you ask if the cable is worth it still, reflect for yourself if it still is. How often do you still use your TV to watch cable channels? How much time did you spend on a cable channel in the past week?

Ditch your cable TV subscription and use other free video-streaming platforms instead. With a stable internet connection, you can find free online alternatives that don’t cost a penny. Some of these include YouTube, Vimeo, and Library.

2. You Can’t Watch All the Cable Channels

It’s true that you get access to as many as 70 channels with a cable TV connection. Even the basic lineups of cable TV can boast having 20 channels. Yet, think back to how many channels you can watch at a single time.

The answer is only one. No matter how extensive your Guide channel page, you can only ever choose to watch one at every given time. Another advantage of canceling cable is that you don’t have to endure not being able to add or remove favorite channels anymore.

3. Digital TV Has Better Quality

Did you know that cable TV can only broadcast two types of signals? These are the analog and digital signals. Analog signals give noise and interference, making the quality not as good as digital TV.

Let’s do some more comparison between cable and digital TV. The broadcast quality of cable TV degrades over long distances. Meanwhile, distance doesn’t affect the broadcast quality of digital TV.

Due to noise and interference, cable TV can lose picture and sound quality. In contrast, the cleaner signal of digital TV results in good sound and picture quality. These are only some reasons for getting rid of cable.

4. You Can Still Watch Live TV Even Without Your Cable TV

How many online or digital TV subscriptions do you have? How many of these channels allow you to access live shows? Now, let’s look back to how often you get to access live shows on cable.

Even if you could, there’s a chance you don’t need much more to watch OTA TV. Most TVs made in 2007 and later can accept OTA or on-the-air TV. If your TV is an older model, you may need a digital converter to get OTA tv.

5. It’s Cheaper to Get Rid of Cable

Do you want to save money from your TV bills? In that case, cancel your cable connection. Get your own digital antenna and install it yourself.

One reason why your cable TV bill goes up is that you ‘lease’ the hardware from the company. Yes, you may not know it but they charge you for that. Cable TV companies charge you for your DVR and the other accessories for each TV you own.

Note that with online digital TV services, you don’t need coaxial cables to send signals thru and from. Digital TV encodes signals and feeds them straight into the television set. The DVR and TV guide are not things you need to watch TV anymore.

6. Degraded Cable Service

Did you know that cable companies could degrade the service? The reason for this is so you can help them save on transmission cost. Imagine charging your customers more than 100 USD a month for the bad service.

7. DTV Antennae Are More Affordable and Smaller

Digital TV antennas cost less than cable antennas. Professionals who come to install your antenna add to the initial cost of getting cable. They need to install it even when you already know how because it’s part of their service.

With an HD TV antenna, you always have the choice to install it yourself or hire professionals. If you’re on a budget, you can even get your uncle or cousin to help you with installing it instead.

If you want a place to shop for HD TV antennas, shop at this site.

8. Save Time with Online Streaming

If you want to conserve energy, you should spend less time on your TV. This means cutting your TV time by going straight to the show you want to watch and avoiding commercials. Avoiding the ads is one big reason why it’s better to stream instead.

Another reason is that you don’t have to go around different channels to look for something to watch. Streaming services have algorithms that detect the kinds of shows you like to watch. This algorithm will then give you recommendations on similar movies or series.

9. Online Alternatives Are Cheaper

Above, we already stated that there are online alternatives that are free. If you want something with a more extensive list of channels, shows, and movies, you can try the other paid alternatives. These include big-name streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Each one has different streaming and subscription prices. That’s not all, some of them offer to stream original shows right as they broadcast or soon after. If that’s not enough reason to get rid of cable, they have commercial-free streams and downloadable content.

Stream Something More Your Taste

That’s it for our 9 reasons to cut the cord and get rid of cable TV.

If you want to know of the best way to get rid of cable, chances are you only need to talk to the company about it. Cable TV was great in its time but now, it is already a dated method of watching shows and movies.

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