Time may be flying, but the year isn’t over yet. With summer, fall, and the beginning of winter left to go, you know what that means… there’s still plenty of fashion trends for 2018 just waiting for us to enjoy! And as the saying goes, the best is always saved till last.

So what types of trends do we have to look forward to? And is there anything you absolutely can’t leave out of your wardrobe as the year wears on?

Actually, there are all kinds of fun stuff left in store for 2018 fashion trends. It seems this year gets more stylish as the days tick by. So, let’s look at 9 trends you won’t want to miss for the rest of 2018.

1. Utility Jumpsuits

When comfort and fashion collide, it’s a beautiful, beautiful sight to behold. Enter – the utility jumpsuit in for 2018.

This one-and-done favorite of so many brings a new silhouette with it this year. Inspired by the classic flight suit, the utilitarian look mixes the perfect slouchy comfort with a structured boyish cut.

Friendly tip: Make sure you go to the bathroom before you put the jumpsuit on. You’ll thank us later.

2. Check Print

If there’s one print you buy this year, you need to make that item a check print. (We’re looking at you, Burberry.)

This pattern can be found on loads of coats, blazers, and trousers for 2018. Yet, its classic heritage appeal is also ideal for suits, skirts, and feminine blouses.

And don’t be afraid to mix prints! The check pattern goes great with a floral print. Pair a flowery dress with a check blazer this summer or layer a floral blouse under a check suit in the fall. No matter what, the bold yet classic combo will look great with whatever season it may be.

3. Pastels

Girly girls, rejoice! Pastels are in full force this year. So, if you have that Easter egg lavender-colored sweater hanging in the back of your closet, it’s time to set it free. Its moment has arrived.

Pretty muted shades of pink, lilac, lemon, and soft blue give any outfit a romantic flair. And it’s not just showing up in clothing, there are all kinds of pastel accessories to choose from. Which means you can make a small pastel statement or go head to toe in one.

Now, may the force of all things pastel pretty be with you.

4. Bold Colors

Need something that makes a bit more of a statement? If pastels aren’t your thing, then you are in luck. Bold, saturated colors are also a popular trend on the runways this year… and we’re not talking about little splashes of it either.

The 2018 summer fashion shows were washed in a rainbow of saturated hues, gracing entire pantsuits to full-length dresses.

Feel like combining a bold yellow top with vibrant blue trousers? Go for it. Rather be in a head to toe fire-engine red party dress? Light up the night, gorgeous.

The color rules really seem to be out the window.

5. Fringe

Fringe has made a comeback this year, but don’t let that scare you… it’s not your mother’s hippie look any longer.

No, this season’s fringe is sophisticated and refined. Soft fringed skirts. Jeweled fringe dresses. Even multicolor fringed handbags.

It’s a more grown-up look without all the groovy sayings and festival shenanigans.

6. Daytime Sparkle

Those who have always felt the urge to wear sequins into the office are going to love this one. Wearing your favorite sparkled top or sequined skirt during daylight hours is now deemed ok by the fashion elite among us.

Think about it… the daylight sun reflecting off of your sequined skirt paired with a simple sweater. Or imagine how much spring you’ll have in your step when you waltz into the office meeting wearing your sparkling Cinderella ballet flats.

We have a feeling the Disney princesses may have been behind this one. And we approve!

7. Oversized Jewelry

There’s no need for words, let your jewelry make a statement in 2018. Oversized earrings, layered necklaces, and large costume rings are a fun way to liven up any outfit this year.

You can be as playful with it as you like. Just try to not do all of them at one time. Pick a pair of statement earrings to wear by themselves, or layer up your necklaces and leave the earrings at home. Wearing everything you own at one time will make it look like you’re heading to a costume party – and not in a good way.

8. Plastics

If you’re going to get caught out in the rain this year, there’s no reason why you can’t be fashionable and dry at the same time. Good news, fashion designers have made that possible with the use of wearable plastic.

Your plastic choices range anywhere from a full-length dress, coats, boots, hats, and about everything in between. And if you’re a little afraid to go all out with the trend for now, you can always try some of the shoes with plastic straps first.

Playing in the rain will never be so much fun again.

9. Buckle Shoes

This year, buckles don’t only go on your pants, they go on your shoes as well. Boots, heels, and sandals alike are getting the fashion buckle treatment.

Go for a bold look with a larger buckle. Or keep it simple with a smaller one. Others are even decorated further with metal studs or buttons, if you want something a little more decorative.

And why wouldn’t you? Everyone loves buttons and buckles together.

The year may be half over, but that doesn’t mean your style has to go with it. Fashion trends for 2018 will have you looking tip top, all the way up to till you yell, “Happy New Year!”.

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