In today’s classroom landscape, laptops, chromebooks, and various tablets are a common educational tool. For a school that has its own technology that is distributed to students, a laptop cart is the best way to safely store and charge laptops. A laptop / chromebook cart should have a convenient way to store a number of devices and charge them simultaneously. The cart should be adequately ventilated because devices can overheat while charging. Student and teachers should be able to easily remove and replace laptops, and a good laptop cart locks securely and easy to move in the classroom or to other classrooms.

Charging Cart Series: Laptop Cart Options For Schools

1. LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart

LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart - laptop cart

The LUXOR LLTP24-B Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart is a sturdy and functional charging cart that works as laptop cart, chromebook cart, and also a tablet cart. Depending on the size of the laptops or tablets, this cart can hold and charge up to 24 devices at once. The slot dividers can be moved and configured for a variety of storage and charging uses. It’s well ventilated to keep electronics cool when charging and has casters and a convenient handle so it can be easily moved from one place to the next. A padded top provides a great work station for the teacher and the 40 inch height makes it perfect for that purpose.

2. Mobile Storage & Charging Cart

Mobile Storage & Charging Cart - laptop cart

The Mobile Storage & Charging Cart easily stores up to 24 laptops, even if they are all widescreen. There are 24 outlets, so that all of the devices can charge simultaneously and the cart is well-ventilated to prevent any overheating. Devices store easily and safely when they are placed flat on the shelves. The low, wide, and non-skid top is an excellent workstation and can fit multiple devices at one time. This laptop or chromebook cart is also available in a 12 device version for smaller classrooms.

3. Balt Mobile Laptop 20-Unit Charging Station

Balt Mobile Laptop 20-Unit Charging Station - laptop cart

Keep laptops stored safely in the classroom with Balt Mobile Laptop 20-Unit Charging Station and laptop cart. Double doors open and stay open with a magnet so that students are not bumping expensive laptops in to the doors when removing and replacing them in the cart. When closed, the doors lock for safety. Rolling casters make the cart easy to move from place to place. The back of the cart is ventilated for cooling and has hooks for neat and tidy storage of the required power cords.

4. Oklahoma Sound LCSC Laptop Charging and Storage Cart

Oklahoma Sound LCSC Laptop Charging and Storage Cart - laptop cart

An attractive cherry laminate laptop cart, the Oklahoma Sound LCSC Laptop Charging and Storage Cart has lots of desirable features. It stores up to 24 laptops with two sets of 12 side by side shelves. If only half of the charging outlets and shelves are required at one time, there are two power cords so that it is possible to power each side separately. Heavy duty casters lock and swivel so that this cart moves easily from place to place. Double doors open and then fold back for easy and convenient access to the stored electronics.

5. Learniture NOR-GNO1005-PK-SO 1005 12-Outlet Locking Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart

Learniture NOR-GNO1005-PK-SO 1005 12-Outlet Locking Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart - laptop cart

The Learniture NOR-GNO1005-PK-SO 1005 12-Outlet Locking Laptop/Tablet Charging Cart is a great laptop/ chromebook cart for smaller classrooms. It only fits up to 12 laptops or chromebooks but is does it in an efficient and sturdy way. The shelves can be moved and adjusted for the best possible storage configuration for your classroom’s needs. It has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating and locking front and back doors allow for easy access to laptops and tablets stored inside. The casters are designed not to mark floors and a handle makes the cart easy to move.

6. Deluxe Mobile Charging and Storage Cart – Stores up to 30 Devices

Deluxe Mobile Charging and Storage Cart - Stores up to 30 Devices - laptop cart

With a 30 device capacity, the Deluxe Mobile Charging and Storage Cart stores and charges a large number of laptops, chromebooks, or tablets. Sturdy and secure, this cart has 30 slots to house devices up to one inch thick; slots are divided by safe, rubber coated dividers that won’t damage electronics as they slide in and out. Two vertical power strips with 16 outlets each are conveniently situated inside the cart and interior clips are designed to keep cords organized and prevent tangling. With it’s durable all steel construction and padded work area on top, this is an excellent mobile charging station for larger classrooms.

7. Bretford 36 Unit Chromebook Charging Cart

Bretford 36 Unit Chromebook Charging Cart - laptop cart

Another large capacity laptop cart, the Bretford 36 Unit Chromebook Charging Cart has the highest laptop capacity of any cart on this list at up to 36 laptops or chromebooks. Even though it can hold all of those devices, it’s still relatively small at 28 x 28 x 46 inches.

8. Gather’Round Charging Cart for 32 Asus C300 Chromebooks

Gather'Round Charging Cart for 32 Asus C300 Chromebooks - laptop cart

The uniquely designed Gather’Round Charging Cart for 32 Asus C300 Chromebooks is perfect for classrooms. Teachers and students can access the laptop cart and devices from both sides so that handing out classroom electronics takes less time. Each cart has two trays that each hold 16 laptops and the trays have convenient handles for easy removal. The single dividers are easy to remove and replace for different configurations. This cart is very secure and has an ID card feature for easy personalization.

9. Sector 5 30 Unit Charging Cart

Sector 5 30 Unit Charging Cart - laptop cart

The Sector 5 30 Unit Charging Cart stores chromebooks, laptops, and tablets safely and efficiently, taking up little space in the classroom. Each device has an individual slot for storage and charging, and devices are cooled by dual automatic fans to prevent overheating. Lock the cabinet with the key and 30 up to laptops are completely secure.

Laptop carts are a convenient way to store and charge a large number of laptops and chromebooks for use in the classroom. Does your classroom use a laptop or chromebook cart? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Travis Isaacs.

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