What if you could drink your way to a better weight?

No, we’re not talking about the empty calories found in beer or hard liquor. Instead, we’re talking about using weight loss drinks.

However, for every good weight loss drink, there are countless ones that are overpriced and useless. This leaves the question of how you can find the drinks that will help you lose weight.

Wondering what these drinks are? Keep reading to discover the answer!

Busting Some Myths

There are a few popular “fat burning drinks” that you won’t find on this list. This includes things like diet sodas, energy drinks, and smoothies.

Situationally, each of these drinks has its place. If someone slams several full-strength sodas a day, switching to a diet version may help them lose weight in the short term.

However, some researchers think that such sodas (and even smoothies and energy drinks) can leave your body craving real food. So, you may end up binging and gaining any lost weight back to you.

It’s important to think about these drinks in the context of full lifestyle changes. For example, a smoker who switches to the cheap ejuice of a vape may have an easier time exercising, helping them to lose weight.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is very often listed as a “health drink.” And it should be: it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants, and it can help you to burn fat and lose weight.

This is because certain antioxidants like catechins help to boost your metabolism. By drinking green tea with a lot of catechins, you can start burning fat.

You also get a caffeine boost from this drink, making it a good way to transition away from things like unhealthy sodas.

2. Water, Water Everywhere

We’ve got a list full of drinks with complex ingredients to help you lose weight. However, one of the best drinks is available from your tap as we speak!

As simple as it is, water provides a kind of “one-two” punch for burning calories. First of all, drinking more water helps you burn more calories even when you are sitting around. No exercise required!

Second, drinking lots of water keeps your body feeling full, especially between meals. This means you are less likely to be snacking throughout the day, and this helps keep the calories at bay.

3. Mint Tea

Water isn’t the only way you can ward off your appetite. Would you believe that your nose can help you lose weight?

We all know that certain smells can trigger the munchies. Once you smell something sweet and tasty, it’s tough to resist the urge to start nomming!

However, mint actually has the opposite effect. And that’s what makes mint tea a powerful alternative to water.

It’s a cool and refreshing drink on its own. But smelling the mint inside of it can keep you from getting hungry, which is a great way to avoid “midnight snacking.”

4. Coffee

Coffee is known for being both delicious and hot. However, the heat of that coffee may also be helping you to “burn” some calories!

In multiple studies, coffee has been found to help people snack less throughout the day. On top of this, it boosts metabolism and helps take your fat burning to the next level.

Finally, the caffeine in coffee can give you the power boost you need to get through a long and difficult day.

5. Chocolate Milk (No, Really)

Look, we get it. Chocolate milk is the last thing you think of when you are thinking about “weight loss drink.”

However, if you regularly exercise, chocolate milk is your secret weapon for boosting metabolism. This is because it works a lot like the protein-filled drinks that people use to restore energy and boost muscles after a workout.

In some cases, those who drank chocolate milk after a cycling session could actually cycle over 50% longer in a subsequent session! And to top things off, chocolate milk is easy and inexpensive: you’ve probably got everything you need in your fridge already.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks

Apple cider vinegar may seem like another unconventional choice. What does this tasty beverage have to do with fat burning drinks?

The secret ingredient inside apple cider vinegar drinks is actually acetic acid. And while that may sound scary, it’s actually effective for those trying to lose weight.

This acid has helped to boost metabolism, improve fat-burning, and decrease both insulin and appetite. The final result is that you end up eating less and burning more calories, which is a great combo for weight loss.

7. Oolong Tea

In terms of weight loss, oolong tea works like green tea. This is because the catechins inside of it help to goose up your metabolism.

In fact, you may be able to see some fantastic results by adding this tea to your diet. In one study, those who started regularly drinking this tea lost about a pound a week for a period of six weeks.

That makes oolong a fantastic choice for those who aren’t ready for a full lifestyle change yet.

8. Ginger Tea

You may already reach for the ginger tea when you are suffering from things like cold or nausea. But it turns out it may be what the doctor ordered when it comes to weight loss!

On the most basic level, ginger tea is like several other drinks on this list: it helps you to feel fuller for longer, suppressing your appetite.

However, it also makes your body burn more calories when you digest food. That means it turns the simple act of eating into an efficient way or losing some extra calories.

Weight Loss Drinks: The Bottom Line

Now you’ve learned more about the most effective weight loss drinks. But do you know how else you can achieve a new level of fitness?

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