There has never been a time in American history where more people polled have considered themselves unhappy. This might come as a bit of a shock given that joblessness is down and the economy is way up.

The truth is, though, money doesn’t buy happiness and people are feeling unfulfilled.

Perhaps you’re one of those people. In fact, we’d bet that you are if you’re reading this article.

As 2019 draws to a close, we know that many of you were hoping to feel happier with your life by the new year. To help you achieve that end, our team has compiled a list of eight simple ways to be happier that should improve your outcomes today and well into the future.

1. Start Noting Things That You’re Thankful For

It’s human nature to focus on the negative things in life. If you just got off of an 8-hour day of work, your instinct might be to lament on how tired you are rather than talking about the fact that you’re employed full time.

The best way to combat this habit of negativity is to make it a point to force yourself to celebrate what’s good about your life.

Just had a great meal? Share that with your loved one at dinner rather than complaining about how rushed you were to eat during your lunch break.

It’s all about framing moments in a bright light as opposed to a dull one.

2. Learn Something New

The more that you know the more that you’ll be able to do in life. That in it of itself will make you a happier person.

It used to be that you had to take time to go to school in order to learn new skills. Thanks to the internet, that’s just not the case anymore.

Go on a website like and learn how to edit movies. Read a self-help book and learn how to master your finances.

Knowledge is power when it comes to finding ways to be happier so start expanding your mind.

3. Start Speaking Your Truth

We live in a time today where many people are demonized for their views. That polarization often makes people too afraid to speak their truth on today’s most troubling issues.

Does that bother you at all… Needing to sit silent for fear of being judged?

If it does, stop holding back and start respectfully speaking your truth.

Holding back your feelings will only serve to send you further into depression.

4. Improve Your Home Environment

Hating where you live is a sure-fire way to be unhappy. That’s why we always recommend that one of the best ways to be happier is to invest in your home environment.

Grab this kitchen design software and give your dining space a makeover. Add some new lights to your bedroom. Buy that new sofa you’ve been eyeing for a few months.

The more comfortable your living space is, the more comfortable that you’re going to be with your life.

5. Take Some Time Off of Work

Work can often consume our lives. In order to break away from that vortex, you need to make a conscious effort to.

Have vacation time? Great! Use it.

Working 12-hour days? Not great. Ask for a reduction or find a new job.

You only get so much life to live and if you spend the majority of it working, are you really living your life at all?

6. Get Away From Social Media

The amount of time that social media can suck out of your day is astounding. By the time that you’ve pulled yourself away from your screen, you’ll wonder where the day has gone and you’ll complain to yourself that there are not enough hours in the day as all of your other responsibilities start falling by the waist side.

The best way to remedy this issue is to take social media breaks.

Give yourself only certain periods of time in the day where you can be on your phone. Once you’ve exceeded your limit, put it away and start being productive.

7. Lead With Kindness

Being kind makes you feel great. Feeling great means being happy.

Also, the kinder you are to others the better that they’ll treat you which again, will fuel your ability to smile, love life and be the best version of yourself.

The best part about this suggestion is that being kind is easy! Just lead your daily conversations and interactions with compassion.

8. Do Things That Scare You

You may not know it but you playing it safe in life is keeping you from living your best life.

What is it that scares you? Telling yourย significant other about something that’s eating away at you? Applying for a job that you think you’re not good enough for but would love to have?

Whatever your fears are, get up and tackle them.

It may be hard to do in the moment, but believe us when we say that you’ll be much better for the experience.

Closing Out Our List of Simple Ways to Be Happier Before the Year Comes to an End

Being happy is a choice. So make the choice to implement our suggestions for ways to be happier and make an effort to be less negative.

While it may seem unnatural at first, the more proactive that you are when it comes to fighting for your best life, the more naturally those actions will come to you.

Our website publishes new coronet every week so if you’re looking for more happiness inspiration, check out what’s new!

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