Florida is the perfect place to move to and offers a great quality of life – if you don’t believe me then check out these 8 reasons to move to Florida.

The Weather Is Great Throughout Most Of The Year

Florida’s amazing weather is one of its top attractions. People are naturally drawn to all of the sunshine that the area has to offer and this fuels their desire to move to Florida. In fact, the sun shines more than 200 days each year. During the summer, high humidity levels and hot temperatures can make the area feel quite muggy. For the most part, however, the weather in Florida is warm and comfortable. In southern Florida, temperatures rarely call for anything heavier than a sweater, even in the middle of the winter. The nice weather makes it easy to get outside and enjoy some of the state’s many outdoor activities.

Florida Doesn’t Charge Income Tax

Unlike most states, Florida residents don’t have to pay income tax at the state level. This can add up to big savings, leaving more money for enjoyable activities and new purchases. Not having to pay income tax is one of the major draws of the area since it makes it a lot more affordable to live.

There Are Incredible Beaches

Some of the most amazing beaches in the world are located in Florida. For instance, TripAdvisor recently named Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota as the top beach in the United States. Other notable beaches include Pensacola Beach, Delray Beach, Clearwater Beach, Panama City Public Beach, St. George Island, Grayton Beach, and St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

The Population Is Extremely Diverse

From a cultural standpoint, Florida is one of the most diverse places in the country to live. The area is home to people from an incredibly wide range of backgrounds, religions, and ages. While many of the residents are native to Florida, a lot of people move to the area from other states or countries. They are drawn by the amazing weather, excellent tax advantages, and plentiful jobs. Since Florida is located on the coast, a large percentage of its population is Latino. All of this cultural diversity makes Florida a fascinating place to call home.

Florida is one of the top vacation spots in the country. Major attractions ranging from The Breakers Resort to Walt Disney World draw in thousands of visitors each year. Imagine how amazing it would be to live next to attractions like these rather than having to travel to visit them. The best part is, many of these attractions offer discounts to residents. You can visit during the off-season, which not only usually costs less but also means you don’t have to spend as long standing in line.

There Are A Ton Of Activities

Whether you want to spend time indoors or outside, you can always find something to do in Florida. Since the weather is nice during such a large portion of the year, outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving, boating, paddleboarding, and swimming are popular. World-famous attractions like Universal Studios and Disney World are also located nearby. Miami is known for its incredible architecture and major events like Art Basil. Combined, all of these activities make it easy to stay entertained in the Sunshine State.

The Cost Of Living Is Reasonable In Most Parts Of Florida

Living in Florida can help your income stretch further. Although the cost of living in large cities like Miami can be a little bit high, other parts of Florida offer a much more affordable lifestyle. Data published by AreaVibes shows that the cost of living in Florida is a full point lower than the average for the US. Everyday necessities like housing, healthcare, and goods are all priced lower than the national average in Florida.

Sports Fans Have A Lot To Celebrate

From college-level sports to professional teams, Florida has some of the most well-respected teams and athletes in the country. The state is home to three professional football teams, which is far more than other states. It also has two NHL teams, two MLB teams, and two NBA teams. Some of the most well-known teams in Florida are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins, and Orlando Magic. There are a lot of great college sports to enjoy, as well, since Florida is home to a number of well-respected schools including Florida State University and the University of Florida.

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