Picking out a fun date activity can be challenging. Especially when you don’t know each other that well yet.

Are you trying to impress someone with a unique date idea that will help you get to know each other better?

There are many thoughtful and exciting things that you can do to help earn yourself a second date.

Continue reading to discover great date ideas that are both unexpected and thoughtful!

1. Go to a Concert

If you are looking for great date ideas that involve music and one on one time, a concert is a perfect place to go.

Finding a perfect date idea can be difficult. If you know of an artist that you and your date enjoy, shop tickets here for your next date! Taking your date to the concert will be thoughtful if it is an artist they’ve never seen. This is a good chance for you both to bond over an enjoyable time.

Looking for some time to talk? You can always catch dinner before or after the show to get to know each other some more!

2. Weekend Getaway

What’s better than getting away from work and responsibilities for the weekend!?

If you want a fun date idea, go to a nearby city that neither of you has been too much. You can pretend to be a tourist in this town and do all of the fun and exciting things. Visit local parks and well-known restaurants.

You will make many memories during your mini weekend getaway. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the best moments along the way.

3. Go Exploring

An unexpected date doesn’t have to require spending a lot of money.

Going exploring with your date can be a fun way to make memories and learn more about each other. Going Geocaching is a great way to explore local areas and search for hidden treasures. Many people enjoy going hiking on new trails with dates as well.

The most unexpected thing about this date is that you never know what you will come across. You can visit local parks and mountains to discover wildlife too! Scavenger hunts can be another way to work together and accomplish a fun activity.

4. Play a Sport

Have you ever heard the saying, “couples that play together stay together?”

When couples play sports together they can get out build up tension and have a positive release. A little competition can help you and your date grow closer together. Find out your date enjoys playing tennis, soccer, or any other sport that you can try!

Don’t be afraid to pull out your sneakers and get healthy with your partner.

5. Visit a Museum

Do you and your date have any common interests in art, science, or history?

One of the best date ideas that you can try is the museum. Visiting museums will offer an opportunity to learn more about each other and personal interests. You can both discover new findings and old artifacts together in a relaxed setting.

Don’t limit yourselves just to museums, the zoo and aquarium are other fun places to go with your date.

6. Volunteer Together

Not all dates need to be about spoiling each other. Some bonding is best done while serving the community and helping others.

Volunteering at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or hospital together can help you connect. Studies have shown that the more people give and volunteer themselves, the happier they feel. Doing good will make you feel more positive and accomplished.

These good feelings will make the date an unforgettable one. You may want to consider talking to your date first. Your partner may have a specific charity they want to help. Planting trees is another great date idea!

7. Take a Class

Learning is an excellent way to build a relationship and can be easily done on dates.

You don’t have to attend a college course together to bond, but there are of courses you can try out. Have you ever considered taking a cooking class? Cooking is a great date because it involves food, but also cooperation and coordination.

Dancing classes can also be an exciting date. If you and your partner love to dance or want to learn some new moves, take a dance lesson! Taking a lesson or class can be a fun opportunity.

You and your partner can expand your knowledge and abilities. Learning can be fun and exciting, especially with someone by your side!

8. Think as One

If you are looking for a fun date that will challenge you both, an escape room is a perfect idea.

In an escape room, you will have to think as one and work together to break out of the room. This date is only meant for those up to the challenge. You and your dates communication skills will be put to the test and can teach you a lot about one another.

The best part about this date is that you can both see where each other thrives. You may be able to impress your date with the detective and mathematical skills required to get free.

These Great Date Ideas Will Impress

Finding great date ideas can be a challenge if you don’t think outside of the box.

Getting dinner and a movie can become boring over time and not give you much time to bond with your date. Utilizing this guide can help you discover fun ideas that won’t leave your date disappointed.

Being active, going to a concert, and taking a getaway trip can all be excellent ways to build a relationship.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with dating tips and ideas that will help any couple out of a rut!

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