When you buy a new house, the basement is often an unfinished or unassigned space that you can treat as a canvas. Some people opt to turn it into a second living room for the kids or maybe just use it as storage. Others divide it into several rooms, maybe with a storage area and another room for doing laundry.

We think there are much better ways to use that space. After all, it’s an entire floor of your home! Read on for some exciting game room ideas and get inspired for what to do with your extra space.

10 Game Room Ideas to Transform Your Basement

Before you even read these awesome game room ideas, think about who will be using the space. Depending on if your kids are still young or if you’re empty nesters that love to entertain, you’ll want to create a space that works for your whole family.

game room ideas
Create Your Own Space

1. A Virtual Game Space

The popularity of virtual games has been exploding thanks to the launch of affordable virtual reality (VR) consoles and headsets. A dedicated VR game space is a great way to bring together the whole family, but not too close together.

The Best Thing of VR

With a VR headset on, it’s easy to get carried away with your movements within gaming room ideas. And the last thing you want is to accidentally run into your teammate or a piece of furniture.

The best way to create a VR game space that’s still usable is by outfitting the room with furniture that’s easy to move.

2. Turn Your Game Room in an Arcade

Remember those arcades from the 70s? You know, the ones the kids love to hang out in Stranger Things?

You can easily turn your game room into an old school style arcade with full-sized arcade machines. Look to arcades in your town to buy fully functional games and be immersed in the sounds, the design and of course those controls attached on the console.

Amount of these Set

Keep in mind that you will need a considerable amount of space for these machines. While they look small in the arcade, they usually measure about six feet tall with a base that’s about six square feet. Not only that, but they weigh between 300 and 400 pounds.

3. Make It Your New Local

Instead of spending all of your money down at the local pub, start your own microbrewery at home and build a pub, outfitted with everything you need to recreate your perfect pub.

Some Suggestion for Your

If you have no idea where to start, pick up an at-home brewing kit. They come with all the equipment you need, a list of ingredients that you’ll need to pick up and some suggestions for how to create different flavors.

To get the atmosphere of your local pub, you also need pub activities. You’ll definitely want a darts board and be sure to check out this stunning array of pool and billiard tables.

4. Open Space for Creativity and Floor Games

This is a great gaming room ideas if you have little kids. With an ample open space in your game room, you can get your little ones participating in physical activities like Hopscotch or Foursquare. Remember playing those when you were little?

Teaching your little ones the games you used to play (back before smartphones and tablets existed!) is a fun bonding activity for the entire family. Add in some colorful furniture, and you’ll have a game room ideas that’s even more popular than your living room!

5. Unleash Your Inner Artist

Writable wall paint is a super fun way to decorate your game room, just make sure your little ones understand that they can’t write on the walls in other rooms in the house!

You can easily create reusable writable walls by using chalkboard or whiteboard paint. Once you’ve painted the wall, you can get creative with drawings, use them to keep score while you’re playing educational games, leave silly notes or play massive games of Pictionary.

6. Get Inspired by the Games From Your Childhood

Feeling nostalgic for your old Super Nintendo? Create a vintage-inspired game room with pixel art decorations.

There has been a resurgence in popularity of the 8-bit artwork that you would see in retro video gaming room ideas. See if you can find a local artist to support who is doing this style of pixelated wall art.

game room ideas

Pick up Nintendo

Pick up a Nintendo or Super Nintendo and an old-school CRT television from your local second-hand shop to complete your retro game room. If you can’t find a console at the second-hand store, try a gaming store. Nintendo recently launched miniature versions of both consoles.

7. DIY Putting Green

Make all your dreams come true by turning your game room into your very own putting green. While there are companies that will come and build one customized to the space available, we think it’s even more rewarding if you build it yourself.

If it’s good enough for a pro golfer, it’s good enough gaming room ideas for us! Imagine how impressed your golf buddies will be when they see you cleaning up on the golf course next year.

8. Create a Sports Room

We know that some people would much prefer to watch a game than play one. For them, we suggest creating a sports game room ideas dedicated to their favorite teams.

Start off by collecting some sports memorabilia. eBay and second-hand stores are a treasure trove if you’re looking for vintage jerseys and pennants. Otherwise, just swing by your local sports store and get everything you need to decorate the room.

For Multiple Television

If you’ve got the space, you can even set up multiple televisions to create an awesome sports gaming room ideas. Don’t forget to buy a bar fridge so you can keep chilled drinks nearby.

And the best thing about a sports room in the basement? You don’t have to worry about being too rowdy!

What Will You Do With Your Game Room?

There are just a few awesome gaming room ideas. Ultimately, it is up to your imagination to think of something that your whole family will love.

Looking for inspiration for other rooms in your home improvement?

The dining room is where your family gathers every evening to tell stories and share their feelings. It’s also the room where you entertain guests and host your family. Check out our game room ideas for how you can create a dining room that brings joy to everyone who sits in it.

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