Sometimes we forget roofs aren’t supposed to last forever.

In fact, when your roof gets old and damaged, it can become dangerous for you and your family. If water gets through the roof, it can cause mold to grow in your home and even compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

But how can you tell if you need to replace your roof or not?

Take a look at these seven signs you need a new roof.

1. The Age of Your Roof

Most roofs typically last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. So when your roof starts to get close to that age, you know it’s time to get a new one.

If you aren’t sure how old your roof is, see if you can find any home improvement records. Knowing when the roof was installed will give you a good idea when to replace it again.

But if you still can’t find anything, there are a lot of other ways to find out if it’s time to replace your roof.

2. Curled, Bumpy, or Missing Shingles

Your shingles should lay flat against your roof. If they start to curl or fall off completely, that’s a good sign they’re no longer in good condition.

When shingles live through extensive weather, the edges will begin to curl or misshape, giving the roof a bumpy, uneven appearance. This usually means the shingles are losing their granules, and that, in turn, means they’ve lived beyond their expectancy.

They may even start to fall off when they get to this point. As shingles get old, their tabs will also start to fail. So if you lose one, you may be losing many more in the near future.

But a lost shingle or two doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof.

If you just lose a few and your roof doesn’t display any other signs that it’s getting old, you’ll probably be able to replace the missing shingles without a problem.

Excessive wind damage can also cause your shingles to crack. And a lot of cracked shingles is another good sign your roof has lived past it’s prime.

Gutter Full of Asphalt Granules

This is also something to watch out for when it comes to your shingles. Old shingles lose their granules, and the granules are what keep the shingles from baking.

so if you find a bunch in the gutters, you know it’s time to replace your roof.

3. The Roof is Leaking

If water is getting through, your roof’s not doing what it’s supposed to. That means there’s a problem somewhere.

Leaks can be caused by blocked gutters, missing shingles, cracks in the flashing, etc. These leaks can be hard to find if they aren’t visible (tucked away in the attic somewhere), but if you can see them, make sure you put a bucket under them.

Catching all the water in a bucket will keep it from damaging other parts of your house.

If you find a leak in your roof, you should look for professional roofing companies and call one right away. Leaks that are unattended to can cause mold growth and water damage inside your home.

4. Mold and Moss on Your Roof (Or Inside Your Home)

Mold and moss both need plenty of moisture to grow, so if they are growing on your roof, that means your roof is holding moisture it shouldn’t be holding. In most cases, finding mold, moss, and other fungi growing on your roof is an immediate reason to get a new one.

But, again, this isn’t necessarily always the case. If the moisture is only on the top of your roof, you may be able to get by with a deep cleaning. After taking a look, a professional can tell you how bad the damage is.

And if you have mold or fungi growing inside your house, that’s another problem altogether.

Finding this type of growth inside means you have some serious water damage. This needs to be fixed right away because living with these molds can be dangerous for your health.

Water stains are another signs of water damage. Just because they don’t have any mold growing around them yet doesn’t mean the fungi won’t show up later.

You can take care of the problem before it gets dangerous if you ever come across any water stains. Make sure you hire a professional so you can keep it from getting any worse.

5. Your Roof is Sagging

If your roof is sagging, you have some structural issues that have most likely been caused by water damage. Obviously, your roof isn’t supposed to sag or droop, and leaving it that way can lead to it collapsing.

But there could be other reasons your roof is sagging.

For example, your roof might just need some extra support. This is a relatively simple fix and will give your roof a longer life.

A roof that’s sagging from water damage, on the other hand, needs to be replaced right away by Jasper Roofing Contractors.

6. You Can See Light in Your Attic

Obviously, the sun shouldn’t be able to shine through your roof into your attic. If you can look into your attic and see light, that means there are either cracks or hole in your roof (or maybe even both).

A roof that’s full of holes should be taken down and replaced.

7. The Flashing Around Your Chimney Is Damaged

The flashing around your skylight, chimney, vents, roof seams, etc. are what keep the weather out of your house. But as these seals age and deteriorate, they can’t do their job the way they’re supposed to.

This could cause leaks to form on your roof. It may also be the reason you can see light in your attic.

Damaged flashing could contribute to an entire roof replacement.

Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

If you notice any of these signs you need a new roof, you should call a professional right away. They can tell you what condition your roof is really in and what you should do next.

A new roof won’t just keep your home safe, it can also increase your curb appeal. Looking for other ways to spruce up your home? Take a look at this article.

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