With packages that can cost up to a quarter of a million dollars, there are some amazing underwater hotels. There are some options that are more affordable but staying in one of these underwater lodgings is a luxury no matter what.

Anyone can find a hotel with a view of the ocean, but what about a view under the ocean? These hotels offer unique experiences that are hard to beat. If you want an unforgettable stay, keep reading.

7 Awesome Underwater Hotels

From swanky rooms with private chefs to unassuming buildings on a small body of water, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on what you want. If any of these interest you, book now before they’re flooded with reservations.

1. Manta Resort

Located in Zanzibar, this is a floating hotel that sits in the Indian Ocean. Offering views of the African coastline and a room that allows you to stay both above and below the water, this is a luxurious option worth checking out at around 1500 dollars per night.

2. Atlantis The Palm

Located in Dubai, a stay at the Atlantis The Palm is an experience that will stun. While not technically under the water, these rooms do offer floor-to-ceiling views of an amazing aquarium that give the perfect illusion. The 24-hour butler service is nice too. 

At 8500 dollars per night, a stay here doesn’t come cheap, but with all the luxury that Dubai offers, it is the perfect place to stay after experiencing shine and glamour.

3. Lovers Deep Submarine

Located off the Carribean coast, this hotel offers something the others can’t, a stay in a submarine.

This isn’t a submarine from a war movie, it’s a beautifully designed space for couples with a modern feel and 24-hour chef and butler service. At 215,000 dollars per night, eat all the oysters and caviar that you can.

4. The Muraka

Located at Rangali Island, this is the world’s first all-glass underwater suite. This suite offers a panoramic view under the water that may be so distracting that it’s hard to sleep, but with this view, who cares? It costs 50,000 dollars per night with a 4-night minimum, but it has room for 9 people. 

5. Utter Inn

Located in Sweden, this is a unique underwater hotel with its quaint feel. It looks like a simple house above the water but actually has a lovely bedroom with views under the water. It also has an advantage with a price of only 250 dollars per night.

6. Shimao Wonderland

Located near Shanghai, this is a resort built into the side of a quarry that has many offerings of traditional luxury hotels. Nice restaurants, shopping, and activities are all offered at this futuristic hotel that costs 15,000 dollars per night.

7. Jules Undersea Lodge

Located off the Florida coast, this is a stay that’s perfect for adventurous types. You will need to dive under the water to reach the bedroom, and it’s not made for luxury, but it’s a very cool experience in a submarine with a chef that will dive down to deliver your food. At 675 dollars per night, it’s also one of the most affordable options.

Under the Sea

Whichever one of these underwater hotels you choose, you’re sure to be amazed. Laying in bed and staring at marine life swimming by is a peaceful experience that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

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