What kind of wedding dress would you want to put on your Special Day? Most brides go for any dress because they aren’t familiar with the various types of wedding dresses available.

A wedding dress says much more about you than you would ever imagine. Plus, certain dresses are perfect for specific locations.

If you’re among those who are clueless when it comes to wedding dresses, here are some types of wedding dresses that you should know about:

1.    The A-Line Dresses

Most wedding dresses get their name based on their design. The A-Line dress is one of them

It’s fitted through the hips and pretty much looks like the letter ‘A.’ And, it has a flared skirt, tapered top, and sloped waist. The flared skirt makes it possible for brides of all sizes and shapes to wear it.

2.    The Empire Waist Dresses

A classic number, this type of dress suits a bride who has a smaller bust. It’s got a line dividing the fabric that makes the chest look bigger than it is.

Additionally, you should go for it if you’re plus-size and have a short waist. It’s straight-line does a great job making you look way thinner.

3.    Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Also called Fishtail dresses, mermaid wedding dresses have got a simple design. They are fitted at the top and become wider from the knees downwards.

Some designers enhance theirs with a trailing train. If you’re short, you may want to give them a try.

The overall line takes an observer’s eyes off your height. It works wonders for you if you’re a woman with a small waist and bust.

4.    The Suits

Suits are great for brides who want to go for an edgy and casual look. It could be made up of a skirt and matching jacket. Or, pants and a shirt. They’re mostly made of costly material such as satin. It’s a great choice if you would like to break the wedding-dress monotony or are having your wedding for the second time.

5.    Beach Wedding Dresses

Comfy, flexible and attractive. These are some of the best words to describe these types of dresses.

They closely resemble mermaid dresses. The only difference is, they don’t always widen starting from the knees.

Some start at the waist. Additionally, most of them are knee-length to make walking across the sand of the beach more comfortable. And, to prevent you from tripping.

6.    The Hourglass Dresses

As the name hints, it’s got an hourglass design. It’s got a full middle, defined top, and narrow waist.

If you’re a lady with curves and would love to show them off, the hourglass dress is the perfect choice for you.

Always ensure that your dress is specifically tailored for you or fits properly. This helps in avoiding the challenges that come with hourglass dresses.

7.    Sheath Dresses

These are dresses that are fitted with hems. They can adapt to just about any body shape. They’re also made of very simple material. If you have short legs or want to make yourself appear thinner, it’s the perfect pick.

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