Pregnancy marks a time in your life unlike any other. Even if you’ve been pregnant before, each pregnancy is a unique experience. No matter the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, maintaining a healthy pregnancy is a priority.

While you can’t protect against every possible issue, there are things you can do to help ensure that your pregnancy is as smooth and comfortable as possible. The following seven pregnancy tips will help you and your little one stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

1 – Get Prenatal Care Early and Often

You’ll want to schedule your first prenatal doctor appointment as soon as you can. Your doctor will run a confirmation test and make sure that your pregnancy is off to a healthy start. After your first appointment, be sure to follow the schedule for the rest of your appointments as recommended by your doctor. For surrogate mothers, a routine prenatal appointment may even be required by contract.

2 – Take Your Vitamins

Many doctors recommend taking prenatal vitamins before you even conceive. But, if you haven’t started taking these vitamins yet, do so as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Prenatal vitamins differ from other vitamins because they contain folic acid, which helps prevent neural tube defects and ensure healthy brain development for the baby. They also contain iron, which is especially important for pregnant women.

3 – Maintain a Healthy Diet

Along with taking vitamins, you want to focus on eating nutrient-dense foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and lean proteins and try to cut back on processed foods.

One of our favorite first-time pregnancy tips? Even though you think you’re “eating for two,” you really only need about 300 extra calories a day. And don’t forget to stay well hydrated with water, while cutting back on caffeinated drinks like coffee and sodas.

4 – Exercise

You know that exercise is important for your general health, so it should come as no surprise that it can be especially beneficial during pregnancy. Staying active can help you relax, keep weight gain within a healthy range, and help you sleep better. As your belly grows, staying active with exercises like swimming and prenatal yoga can also ease pressure on your joints and reduce your aches and pains.

Another bonus to maintaining an exercise routine while pregnant? You can buy new gym clothes ideal for keeping your changing body comfortable and well supported.

5 – Take Extra Safety Precautions

When you’re pregnant you have to be extra careful about things you didn’t think twice about before, including household chores. Avoid heavy lifting, harsh chemicals, and standing on step stools and ladders. If you have a cat, it’s time for your partner or another member of the household to take care of cleaning the litter box.

Cat urine can be dangerous for expecting moms, as it may carry parasites.

6 – Pay Attention to Your Body and Know When to See a Doctor

You’ll be more in tune with your body now than ever before, so pay close attention to feelings and symptoms that don’t seem normal. It’s easy to feel confused and not know whether something is “off” or not. If you experience vaginal bleeding, cramps, shortness of breath, or dizziness, call your doctor right away.

7 – One Final Tip for a Healthy Pregnancy – Educate Yourself

Pregnancy can cause you to feel stressed, scared, or worried, and that is completely normal. Educating yourself on pregnancy and childbirth can help you feel more secure and comfortable with all the experiences you’re about to face.

Read books and blogs, and sign up for classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby basics.

You can’t be ready for everything but having some knowledge will help you feel more in control and confident as you take on this new stage of life.

For example, did you know that maintaining oral health is vital to maintaining a healthy pregnancy?

Continue to Nurture Yourself and Live a Life That Makes You Happy

Yes, you’re pregnant and your life is about to change. This is true whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third.Β  After you’ve given birth if you need help getting rid of that belly after pregnancy there are many options.

But, you’re still you. Browse our blog for advice on all the things you love, like vacationing, beauty tips, and more.

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