A little bit of fun never killed anyone.

After all of the hard work this year, it’s time to play hard. Corporate parties are the perfect way to celebrate success, increase morale to take on more obstacles, and treat all the people who have spent hours helping the business.

Unfortunately, as soon as people get wind of a corporate party, they become afraid. They dread the boring small talk and dull atmosphere. Believe it or not, corporate parties can be fun, and we are here to help.

Below are 7 different themes to try out for your next big corporate event. Keep reading to throw one of the best-themed events in your area.

1. Camping Adventure

This theme is fun, even for your least-adventurous staff members. Many of us remember the joys of camping from years past. It’s a chance to get away from the phone calls and emails.

Obviously, you won’t actually be camping, but find a venue that’s mostly outside. A good choice for this would be hosting the event at a local outdoor brewery. Who wouldn’t love a cold beer while camping?

Decorate the space with twinkle lights, tents, and a large central campfire. Grill some hot dogs, serve cold drinks, and see how many different ways you can eat a s’more.

If people are really getting into it, ask for some horror stories. I’m sure someone has a scary customer experience from the past work year.

2. Out of This World

Throw an intergalactic extravaganza. With this theme, you can be as casual or high-class as you want to fit a budget. It doesn’t matter what way you go, everyone will have fun.

If you are working with a lower budget, have everyone come dressed as an alien. Pass out glowsticks as people arrive, and install some blacklights around the venue to add to the theme. To provide some friendly competition, have a costume contest to decide the best alien.

Is your budget a bit higher? Tell everyone to come dressed in their best black and silver attire, topped off with neon wigs. They can add bright colors for a pop.

Create a funky atmosphere with intergalactic dancers and an LED dance floor. The dark room, bright lights, and funky feel will have the guests feeling like they are traveling through space.

Need performers for this themed event? Check this site out for more information.

3. Block Party

Team up with a popular local business, or several, and throw the year’s best block party. This is a great way to draw attention to local business and have fun.

A big reason it’ll be one of the best corporate events is the casual dress. After wearing suits, ties, and skirts every day, your staff will be glad to throw on a pair of their favorite jeans.

To add more excitement to the mix, hire local food trucks to provide dinner. People love exploring different tastes of the town. We promise your employees will be raving about this event for months.

4. Festival Fun

If a majority of your staff are young adults, this will be one of the best party themes. Everyone loves a festival, complete with loud music and flower crowns.

Hire several bands and DJs to switch out playing and to provide a variety of music the guests will enjoy. Encourage the guests to come dressed as if they were attending a festival. This could mean flowing skirts or funky fanny packs.

To top off the festival vibes, serve delicious fair food. Go crazy with the corn dogs, funnel cakes, tacos, and fresh lemonade. Food doesn’t have to be fancy to be delicious.

This will be one of the best corporate events because it’s the festival experience without the nasty sunburn.

5. Go Gatsby

There are many reasons why Gatsby is great and an even better party theme. The roaring ’20s provides tons of excuses to go a little crazy.

Guests will love showing up in flapper attire and showing off on their Instagram. Place a specialty cocktail in their hand, and it’ll be even better.

To go the extra mile, have a swing band come and play. Make sure the dance floor is spacious, and encourage everyone to show off their best moves.

Embrace the theme and make the bar trickier to find by giving it a speakeasy vibe. They’ll need a password to get in for a drink.

6. Welcome to the Circus

Many of us remember attending the circus as a child and being overwhelmed by the sheer magic of it all. Bring back that feeling for one of the best-themed events of the year.

Hire tons of performers such as clowns and aerialists to amaze guests as they drink and eat. If they are eating at separate tables, provide a dinner show by setting up a stage in front of everyone.

Keep the performances secretive to ensure there’s a constant mystery in the air. Constantly being on your toes is the best part about any circus.

7. Around the World

Because not everyone can afford traveling, bring the sights of the world to them for one of the best corporate events.

As the guests enter, hand them a passport. Encourage them to visit different countries. Performers in every country can stamp their passport and provide them with food or drink from that culture.

It’s a fun way for everyone to learn about different parts of the world while celebrating the company’s accomplishments.

Throw One of the Best Themed Events

No employee should dread attending a corporate party. Plan one of the best-themed events by checking out the list of 7 themes above. One of them is sure to be a winner for your company.

Once you select your theme, dig deep into the details. What food and drink are you going to serve? How are people to dress, and will there be performances?

If you need more travel tips, fashion insight, or something interesting to read, make sure you check out the rest of our site. We have tons of useful blog articles for you.

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