With your tight schedule, you need to keep your home clean at the same time. Although cleaning a house is something you can do on your own many people in Singapore opt to go for a maid. A maid will help you to do all the house chores and leave your home in a cleaner condition. However, there are two types of maids, and the one you choose will depend on the different factors. You can get a full time maid or a part time maid, but part time ones have proven to be more reputable. Personally I have been using part-time maids and in this article am going to share with you the main reasons I preferred them. Following are seven reasons why I prefer a part time maid instead of a full time one. 

1. Convenient

Part time maids are very convenient, and they will clean your home any time you need them. Many companies will offer a 24/7 service, and they will help you any time you need them. Is your house messy and you got guests in the morning? Worry no more as a part time maid will leave your home in a clean condition for the next morning. 

A full time maid may not be there when it’s not their working hours, and this can always inconvenience you. A part time maid will not have any set working hours, and you can get one any time. Again many companies in Singapore will have many professionals, and they can send you one any time of the day as they operate in day and night shift. 

2. Pay for what you get

With a part time maid, you don’t have to pay any fixed salary as you pay for the worked hours. When getting a maid, you will agree on the rate per hour, and pay them for the worked hours, unlike a full time maid who you will pay a monthly salary regardless of whether they have worked or not. 

An hourly rate for a part time maid might be higher, but at the end, it is much saving than a full time one who you will pay even if they have not worked. You can set working hours for your maid so that you can get good value for your money. For example, you can set 30 minutes for kitchen, 20 minutes for washrooms and other parts of the house. This way, you can easily monitor the number of worked hours and pay for what you get. 

3. Simple to get

All you need is to get your home cleaned and not to undergo complicated processes that will take much of your time. When getting a full time house helper, you have to fill many forms and sign some engagement letters. You will be adding another person to your house, and so many legal procedures must be undergone before getting the maid. 

This will be for your benefits, but again, it can take much of your time, and if you are in a hurry, a full-time maid might not be the solution. A part time maid is easy to get as you only call the agency company and get the helper within minutes. The process is simple as there are no many legal procedures that are involved before getting the maid. Just make a call!

4. Favorable for a small family

With your small family, there is no need of getting a full time maid. A full time house helper is going to spend more than 30 hours a week in your home, and if your family is small, they might not help you much. If you are a single person with no pets, then the number of duties will be less and a part time maid is what you need. 

Part time maids will spend less time in your home, and you only call them when you have some house chores. With your small family, you can even go for two weeks without requiring any help, and if you are using a part time maid, you may be paying for nothing. 

5. No housing

Although, not all full time maids will be housed many of them will, especially if they come from far. Housing someone means you need to have an extra room in your house and also add costs. With a full time maid, you will spend more on food and other bills such as electricity. 

A part time maid will come to your house when they are prepared, and you don’t have to give them food or anything. They will also include transport costs on what you pay them, meaning you are going to spend less. You don’t spend anything extra apart from the actual fees. 

6. Privacy

A part time maid will spend very few hours in your house, giving you the room to enjoy your privacy. They will also have limited access to your house, and you can still keep your secrets, unlike in the full time sector. A full time maid can bring friends to your home, which you might not prefer if you like having secrets. 

Another good thing with part time maids is that they will clean your house when you are there making it easier to monitor their moves. You don’t have to install CCTV cameras so that you can watch your home while at work. 

7. Time-saving

Time is critical, and as you want to clean your home, you also want to make sure you use the least time possible. A part time maid will start cleaning your home on the exact agreed time, saving you time for other activities. You don’t have to keep watching or instructing them on what to do. 


Getting a part time maid will bring much convenience and save your pocket at the end of the day. Although a full-time maid may be helpful, many families in Singapore will go for a part-time maid as they come with less hassle. Make sure you get your maid from a reputable company and enjoy the excellent service.

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