Dreading painting that room in your home? You’re not alone!

Getting the right painting tools will make the job more enjoyable for anyone. It will also produce a better outcome, so you can sit back and be proud of what you accomplished when you finish.

Keep reading to learn more about seven tools that will make any painting project a piece of cake, even if you’re not a fan of painting.

1. Platform Stool

Although you could use a ladder, a platform stool will make any job far faster, because you can cover more ground β€” or, ceiling, rather β€” before having to move it.

2. Expandable Handle

To ensure you easily reach the tops of your walls, you’ll want an expandable handle for your paint rollers.

Be sure to get a sturdy one that extends as far as you need it to.

3. Drop Cloths

There’s a reason professional painters like those that work for an industrial coating company use drop cloths instead of plastic sheeting.

It’s because they’re easier to get into position and are more likely to stay there to protect your floor and furniture as you paint. These are also a great investment if you have a lot of projects since you can use them again.

4. Painter’s Tape

Many novice and experienced painters alike have faced the same situation: you trust too much in your brush skills and end up ruining the window trim.

Fortunately, avoiding that situation is as easy as using painter’s tape to cover anything you don’t want to get painted.

5. Soft Angle Brushes

This is one area where you don’t want to try to save money while painting. You want to get a nice brush to get into corners and other small spaces. This will also save you from messy paint jobs around edges.

If you take care of your brushes and wash them well after each use, you’ll have them for many painting jobs, so it’s worth the investment.

6. Quality Rollers

Paint rollers are something you’re probably going to end up tossing at the end of a painting job because there’s no way to get all of the paint out of them. For that reason, you don’t want to go out and get the most expensive ones available.

On the other hand, getting the cheapest rollers can also cause problemsΒ β€” like leaving behind fibers on your walls. Be sure to find a happy in-between that will get the job done well without draining your wallet.

7. Painter’s Tool

The last thing you’ll want is a painter’s tool that has several features:

  • Screwdriver heads
  • Paint can remover
  • Nail puller
  • Chisel scraper

This tool will ensure that you can tackle any problem you run into along the way without having to go digging through your garage for another tool.

Got Your Painting Tools Ready?

Now you have a list of seven painting tools that will make any painting job easier.

With these tools, even if you hate painting, your home will look professionally-painted when you’re done.

Good luck!

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