Want to go on an awesome trip but not sure where to go? Ever considered hiking a trail? You should definitely try hiking one of the world’s best hiking trails.

For some people, it’s the breathlessness that they experience as they climb to the peak that gets them going, for others, it’s the always changing, awe-inspiring views.

However, for most, a hike always leaves them stunned and saying, “wow”. Short or long, hikes always transcend them to a special state of mind and gives them a special sense of connection to the world.

Are you ready to experience all of this?

It’s time for adventure! Be it a bucket list goal, a thrill-seeking moment, a travel dream or simply an inspiration, read on to learn about the best hiking trails you can travel in 2020.

1. Trolltuga

Located in Norway, it is one of the country’s most popular hikes and for good reason. Incredibly scenic, it ends at Troll’s tongue which is a thin silver rock. It provides a great opportunity for taking creative photos.

While getting to Trolltunga is a bit out of the way when traveling to Norway, it is definitely worth the drive as it makes for an epic hike.

Its distance is 23 kilometers to the top and it usually takes about ten hours to complete the trail.

2. Alta Via Uno, Dolomite

Found in Italy, the spectacular Alta Vio Uno trek, set against the Dolomite mountain range, is one of the world’s most beautiful hikes.

Taking you around incredibly majestic cliffs, imposing 3000-meter peaks, cyan blue alpine lakes, a shady forest, and vast rolling pastures, this is a must-have experience.

The Alta Via Uno has a 120-kilometer long trek marked with hiking paths and rustic mountains set in the most idyllic locations. It takes about eight hours to complete this scenic hike.

3. Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is located in Morocco. It is North Africa’s highest peak.

A hike to Mount Toubkal’s peak is definitely challenging. The path upward starts from the small village of Imlil, passes over a dry riverbed before sharply ascending through the shrine at Sidi Chamharouch and continues towards a large mountain hut.

After staying overnight at the hut, hikers use nordic walking poles, strap on crampons and go up the snowfield to the summit. The distance of this hike is 4,167 meters and it takes about eleven hours to finish.

4. Inca Trail, Macchu Picchu

This is a one day hike that will take you through the last sections of the Inca trail. Ending at the Sun Gate, you get your first view of Macchu Picchu.

Things to do include hiking through the Andes mountain, visiting Inca ruins, climbing ancient stone steps and walking through a rainforest. You can also head down to Agua Calientes for the night to get a famous postcard view of Macchu Picchu. This hike has a duration of fifteen kilometers and will take you about a day to complete.

5. GR 20

Situated in Corsica, France, the GR 20 is perhaps the most difficult and famous trek. The path runs along the island’s mountainous center and has two parts.

There is a northern and southern path with a small village and a train station as a possible exit point in the middle. The north trail is very rocky with lots of steep areas that curve up and down.

It boasts spectacular scenery such as turquoise lakes, granite moonscapes, and a lovely coastline. On the other hand, the southern trail has beautiful, vivid forests.

This is a one hundred and eighty-kilometer hike that is one of the longest you will find in the world. It usually takes about eleven to fifteen days to complete.

6. Tergo la Trek, Bhutan

These trails are untainted and ready to be explored based on the relative inaccessibility of Bhutan. Set in the Haa Valley, this is one of the lesser renowned trails.

You can take a guided trek that goes between 3,500 to 4,135 meters. The path traverses through peaceful forests, wild mountain tracks and offers views of Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest peak.

Yak herder camps and distant villages add to the surreal sense associated with the trek.

7. Laugavegur-Fimmvorduhals

These Icelandic trails were recently introduced to the world by National Geographic. Since then and for good reason the trails have gained popularity. They are among the most exquisite and beautiful on earth.

The paths run through the multicolored rhyolite mountains, passing by bubbling hot springs, leading you to splendid viewpoints where it is possible to overlook black lava fields and a stunningly diverse landscape.

The second path on the trail starts once you step in a lush green valley after traversing smokey lava fields, a snowy peak, unbridged rivers, and a black desert.

From there the path goes up a mountain passing three glaciers. The grand Laugavegur stretches approximately 80 kilometers through the Icelandic highlands. It has some of the most varied landscapes and displays some of the most exquisite Icelandic attractions.

All Packed And Ready To Go On The Best Hiking Trails!

From South Asia’s remote destinations to the warmer climates of Southern France in Corsica or North Africa’s unique conditions in Morocco or the diversity of Peru and Iceland, the options for an amazing trip are plentiful. If it is an unforgettable experience you are looking for these trails will give you just that!

What are you waiting for to explore some of the best hiking trails in the world?

From a few hours to a full day or several days, there’s an adventure for everyone varying in levels of difficulty. What is certain is that the scenes and sights will leave you inspired, transformed and spellbound.

Dream vacations are no longer only the beach, tropical destinations or luxurious resorts.

If you would like more travel tips, please visit the travel and wellness section of our website. We keep you up to date with all the best destinations in the world. Be it for a solo vacation or a vacation for the whole family!

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