Whew. It’s been 51 days since I left home…

…I’ve eaten in airports, on airplanes, in great restaurants, in tiny sushi restaurants, in hotel rooms, and (mostly) at my desk in the ETR office in Denver.

But the best meal I had on my journey was at the TT Summit last weekend. It was a simple meal of scrambled eggs, spinach, and olive oil, followed with a bowl of pineapple and a peppermint tea.

And it was the best meal because I was surrounded with nearly 100 of my closest fitness friends, men and women who had traveled thousands of miles to share their transformation stories, to inspire and encourage one another, and to re-connect and grow their friendships that have been built year-over-year at the TT Summit.

Tt summit group
Our CTT Attendees Celebrating!
Img 0094
Img 1699
Brent (CTT), Todd (Lost 100 pounds), ol’ CB, Lesa (CTT), and Gary (Lost 100 pounds) CTTs: Kate, Brittney, Paul, Dani, and Mike

Next year we plan to have 300 people at our event, and I really hope you’ll be one of them. You get to do fun TT bodyweight bootcamp workouts in the morning, and then we have a great breakfast before being entertained with stories of triumph over all odds.

It’s incredibly powerful. Tears (of joy) are shed. I’m not going to lie. But it’s better than any heartwarming movie you can watch on TV or Netflix.

The biggest reason people keep coming back to the TT Summit is the Positive Social Support. That’s really hard to get in real life, right?

We hang around “nice enough” people at work and in our communities, but they are always sabotaging our weight loss efforts.

They might not mean to hurt us, but the constant parade of cookies, cakes, muffins, pizza slices, hot dogs, candy bars, and sodas that they put in the break room at work, share in the after-church service receptions, or bring into our houses as gifts put a STOP to your results.

All that hard work you do during the week gets destroyed on the weekends when your friends and their junk food get in your way.

Fortunately, there are a few ways around that. The first is to step your weekends with me at the TT Summit, of course! ☺

The second is to put in place your Food Rules for Success. Let’s make some that are easy to follow for you.

Pick the right one for you, or customize your own and then add my unique – and quick – exercises to lose fat without sacrificing your all-important strength or muscle.

TT Food Rules for Success

  • Do a 12-hour fast every day between dinner and breakfast.
  • Stop eating 2-hours before bed (this is so you don’t eat unnecessary calories at night, and also so that you don’t suffer from the ‘silent’ heartburn epidemic that affects 40% of Americans)
  • Remove 1 temptation for 30 days (i.e. booze, dairy, soda, diet drinks, etc.)
  • Eat 3 servings of green vegetables per day and try a new vegetable each week
  • Eat 25g (female) or 35g (male) of fiber per day
  • Drink 3 liters of water per day.
  • Eat 0.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (if you are overweight) and up to 1.0 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (if you are at your goal weight)

Those rules are quick and easy to follow and give you rapid weight loss results.

By the way, did you notice that “cut carbs” was not one of my rules?

In fact, you MUST eat carbs to lose belly flab

Read more here about the best carbs for fat loss

Let me know how it goes!

Taking care of your new and easy diet changes,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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A Complete Guide To Building A Strong Web Presence For Your Startup

Now is a fascinating time to start your own business. While it is true that there has never been more competition around than there is now, there are also benefits of getting started in business today.

The good news about starting a business in 2016 is that there are more tools at your disposal now than there ever has been previously. The other good news is that many of those tools aren’t going to cost you very much, and sometimes they might even be free of charge.

Far and away the most important tool to develop in the last couple of decades is the world wide web. Nowadays, this has become so prevalent that we consider it a normal part of our everyday lives.

What this means for you as a business owner is that you can’t afford to ignore it. If you want your business to be a competitive force in the world today, then you need to put a considerable amount of effort into your web presence.

Building it, maintaining it – most of all, making it stand out. The world of business is competitive – and nowhere is this truer than online.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to get started in building your business’ online presence. Here is everything you will need to know.

Choose your domain & host

The first step in building your web presence is one of the most important parts of the whole process. Yet, many people overlook its paramount importance. Such people end up rushing this stage, and they soon come to regret it.

We are talking about choosing your domain name. If you don’t already know, the domain name is the actual URL which people will type into their browser to reach your website. The reason this is important is because it sends an immediate message about your business.

People take away a lot of unconscious information from a domain name. If you already have a business name registered, then ideally you want your domain name to be exactly that. However, this is not always possible – and sob stories of domain names already being taken are rife everywhere.

One way that people often use to get around this is to find a good domain name first, and then name the business after it. Of course, it’s all up to you. The main thing to bear in mind is that it needs to be relevant to your business, short and snappy. Memorability is key here.

Once you have a good, solid domain name, it’s time to choose your web host. In an ideal world, your web hosting service will provide you with the ability to have a large amount of data stored on their servers.

This means that you can save money, as you won’t need the server space yourself. Many such hosting companies are included in WHSR choice of top hosting companies. Choosing a decent web hosting company can make all the difference when you are just starting to build your online presence.

Design & build your website

Once you have your domain and hosting sorted, the next step is to start designing your website. There are certain common features which a website needs to have to be successful. One of the most important things for your website is that it has a bold and original design.

Your website will be the first port of call for many of your potential clients and customers. As such, you want it to make a good first impression. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that it is not so important.

But in reality, it is like the face of your business. So take your time and design a visually powerful site. You could even consider hiring a team of web designers if you wanted, to give it that professional edge.

Remember that a good website must be easy to navigate and access. Nobody likes having to deal with a difficult website! You should also try and keep your contact information on prominent display.

Ideally, this would be as a box on every page. That way, the information is always there to hand. The majority of your visitors will be looking for contact information, so this is vital.

Set up an email newsletter

Far and away one of the most effective means of getting your message into people’s homes is through their inbox. That’s why any strong web presence must include the possibility for clients to sign up to an email newsletter.

This can be a weekly newsletter highlighting some of the changes which have occurred within the company. Don’t underestimate the power of such a technique.

This has been known to be a powerful way of drawing in potential customers. You should consider this the first step in your web marketing. As such, it’s a vital aspect of your web presence.

Get social..fast

While we’re on the subject of marketing, remember that social media is just about your best friend. These days, marketing has been made extremely simple – and very cheap. Social media allows you the opportunity to engage with your customers and the general public in an open and friendly manner.

The trick with social media is to ensure that you are active and, what’s more, interactive. Don’t just set up an account and leave it there. Get involved with other users. Respond to queries or complaints.

Twitter, in particular, can be an effective tool for communicating with your customers. Social media is like a one-size-fits-all tool for marketing your business. And what’s more, it doesn’t even have to cost you a penny.

Or if you prefer, you can spend money on it, and promote your business even more effectively through the use of promoted posts and the like. You should consider social media an essential part of building your web presence.

Remember mobile

Finally, just a point to say that you should remember the importance of being mobile-accessible. Wherever your business appears on the internet, ensure that it is mobile-friendly. This is not just a matter of courtesy.

93% of small business websites are not mobile compatible – and this results in lost sales. Give your business the edge by taking mobile access into account every step of the way.

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