Global warming is rapidly advancing and affecting our planet. This means everyone should strive to do their best in easing the burden on our limited resources and protecting what we have.

You usually wouldn’t think twice about your kitchen being energy efficient or not. But making small changes can actually be not only beneficial for the Earth, but also your family’s health. Here are 7 important reasons why you should have an energy efficient kitchen.

1. You’ll Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Older appliances can use a lot of energy just to heat up your food for a few minutes, and this energy contributes to global warming. Although it may not seem like much energy is being used, think about how often you use your microwave on a daily basis. Then extrapolate that to years, and even decades.

You might be afraid that energy efficient appliances won’t be as strong and durable as your old ones; you’ve been using them for so many years without problems, after all. But energy-efficient kitchen appliances are specifically made to perform just as well (if not better) than their older counterparts, but with less energy output.

When you reduce your carbon footprint, this lessens the need for natural resources. In turn, this can help with sustainable development.

2. You’ll Lower Your Utility Bills

When your kitchen appliances don’t need to use as much energy to cook your food, or your lighting doesn’t need as much energy to brighten your kitchen, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in your utility bills.

While you may have to spend a decent amount of money replacing everything that’s not energy efficient, this will pay for itself in a short amount of time. Your kitchen is a room you use every day, so any improvements in its energy usage can be seen and felt very rapidly.

3. Your Home Will Feel Cozier

When you don’t have an energy efficient room, it can take longer for it to heat up or to cool down. How many times have you made dinner, then had to fan yourself for hours to cool off? On the other hand, how many times have you set your thermostat to heat the kitchen in the winter and you were freezing for hours?

Replacing your current setup with energy efficient appliances and electronics can make a world of difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. And again, since the temperature’s more stable, your utility bills will be slashed since your HVAC system won’t be hard at work.

4. You’ll Get Tax Cuts for Remodeling

A remodeling project can be expensive, but you’ll be pleased to know that you can get quite a generous tax cut from the government when you make energy efficient home improvements.

When you have energy efficient kitchen remodeling done, not only will you get an updated house, but you’ll do so for a fraction of the price had you gone with a regular remodel. The great thing about this tax cut is that it applies to any energy efficient remodeling you do, so you can apply this tax benefit to all aspects of your project!

5. You’ll Save Money on Appliances

It may seem like appliances and electronics break down quicker nowadays, but that isn’t true of energy efficient ones. Manufacturers contributing to the conservation movement do everything in their power to ensure their products are of the highest quality. That way, you won’t have to replace them as often as you did with your older appliances.

These newer energy efficient appliances doubly reduce your carbon footprint through their lower energy consumption and longer lifespans. This ensures that these appliances will not only last longer (which eliminates the need for constant replacements), but also that they won’t end up in landfills (they’re usually made of recyclable materials).

6. You’ll Create a Better Indoor Environment

Inefficient kitchen appliances can cause the air inside to be stale and unhealthy. For instance, your oven might create smoke easily, or your electric kettle might spout an excessive amount of steam, causing humidity in your home to rise.

Energy efficient appliances are specially made so their waste output is minimized. This not only reduces their impact on the overall environment, but it also creates a clean indoor environment for your family as well.

7. It’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

This might be your family’s home now, but you might be considering selling it in the future to either upgrade or downsize after the kids grow up. Whatever the reason, this house probably isn’t going to be your “forever home.”

Because of that, you should be thinking of its resell value as soon as possible. When you’re thinking of ways to increase your home’s value and to get the maximum selling price for it, the easiest way to do it is through well-done remodels.

With an energy efficient kitchen remodel, you’ll benefit in two ways: your family’s stay will be more comfortable and cheaper, plus you’ll get more for the house when you decide to sell it.

Create an Energy Efficient Kitchen

As you can see, there are very compelling reasons for you to convert your kitchen into an energy efficient one. You might be worried that this kind of remodel might make your kitchen dull and plain, but there are many options out there nowadays to accommodate both energy conservation and pleasant aesthetics.

If you take a look at what energy efficient appliances are available nowadays, you’d be surprised at just how stylish and sleek they can be. So don’t hesitate in starting your project of having an energy efficient kitchen.

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