As a serious gamer, you have spent a lot of time sorting through the market for the best quality of gaming peripherals and accessories, as well as a gaming chair. When it comes to a gaming desk, you do not want to choose one that will devalue all of the efforts you have put into your game setup.

What then do you look for in a gaming desk? Other than functionality and durability, there are detailed features you must be on the lookout for, among them, the following seven.

Compactness of the desk

Most gaming rooms are not very spacious, and yet have a lot to accommodate, including gaming chairs which tend to take up a lot of room. When looking at a gaming desk, you want to consider the compactness, whether it can be reduced or increased.

A foldable desk best offers compactness, but it also helps to know that you can stretch it out to give you more work surface to work on.

Shape and structure of the desk

Are you looking for a plain desk or a complex and complex-structured one? Whether you like it or not, the shape and construction of a table play a huge role in influencing your choice particularly on matters of aesthetic appeal. Different models come in different shapes, among the most popular being the L-shape. Some are rectangular, and others square.

The different shapes take different spaces, and if you are looking for one that will save up on space, then you can narrow down your search to the L-shaped desk. The structure goes for the build of the desk. Depending on your preferences, the shape and structure should be a critical feature to consider.

Versatility in adjustability

The other feature you need to pay attention to is the ability of a gaming desk to convert it to a standing desk. Standing when โ€“playing may sound like an absurd idea, but once you have been sitting for long hours, you may get to the point of trying outstanding.

You, therefore, need a gaming desk that is versatile enough to allow you the standing position. A great example is the Autonomous standing desk that is flexible with height adjustments of up to 50โ€. Remember also to consider the type of gaming chair you have, so that coupled with an adjustable gaming desk, you do not put too much strain on your neck when you need to look up more than usual.

Cable Management

The gaming situation is one that involves a variety of things, most of which comes with wires and cables. If you do not resolve a way to keep the cables in check, they will clutter your work surface, hindering you from productive gaming.

Ideally, before you choose a gaming desk, check to ensure that it has a cable management system in place, instead of having to trip on them every time you try to move around your room. Some have grommet holes which you can tame the cables, while some do not.

Storage room

In all honesty, gaming comes with a lot of items, for example, gaming pads, mice, CDs, headsets, among other gaming consoles, all of which need storage space. Given that you still have a monitor, speakers, CPU and a keyboard, it is upon you to figure out how much storage space you need for your game setup.

Ideally, gaming desks are designed differently, with some plain with only the top surface and the stands, while others have a more detailed design. Do you prefer shelves, drawers or cabinets? Be on the watch for keyboard trays, particularly whether they can be conveniently attached to the side you want (that is for L-shaped desks), as well as a built-in headphone stand. Remember that your machines need to be placed on a surface that allows them to ventilate to avoid overheating due to continuous gaming.

Sturdiness and durability

Sturdiness is the factor to look out when you are working to get a durable gaming desk. Different desks have distinct builds, with some being sturdier than others. You need to channel your attention on the weight capacities of the desk. How many gaming accessories will you have to place on your desk?

If you have two speakers, a CPU, two monitors, and a couple of other game peripherals, then you will need a desk that can withstand a lot of weight for a long time. The materials used in the construction of a table play a considerable role in determining the sturdiness and longevity. Materials like wood, glass, steel, and PVC are all good, but the construction of the desk is what counts in this case.

The maneuverability of the desk

Occasionally, you may feel the need to change up the setup youโ€™re your room, and that involves moving your gaming desk along with other things. For ease in movement, it helps to have a gaming desk that has caster wheels with a smooth glide on any surface.

Alternatively, look for a foldable one, which them makes storage and movement a lot convenient. When none of those two are available, you want to check on the weight of the desk. Tables made of wood and metal are usually the heaviest. If you consider a lighter table, ensure you consider its ability to support you gaming consoles without falling apart.

In the end, there are so many viable gaming desks available in the market that you can select. However, do not be hasty in purchasing a gaming desk, until you are sure of what you want, guided by your preferences, budget, space and use for it.

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