Amsterdam is a city with a rich history and culture. It has more than 75 museums and galleries, while new ones are emerging. People from all walks of life are drawn to the city year in and out. 

Taking note of these facts will help you to reduce stress, stay safe and get the most out of your trip to Amsterdam. 

1   Be wary of cyclists 

You will encounter speeding cyclists from all corners of the city. In view of this, stay away from cycle paths and check before crossing the road to avoid accidents. The inner section is usually painted red and meant for cyclists. 

Consider renting a bike to navigate the city and the neighboring province.  

2   Coffee shops are different from cafes 

Coffee shops and cafes are two different things. The former is not your regular spot for steaming hot coffee. People are allowed to buy and smoke marijuana in licensed coffee shops because it’s legal. 

Amsterdam doesn’t have strict laws when it comes to drug use. However, never make the mistake of buying drugs on the road. 

3   Plan your accommodation 

Around seven million tourists visit Amsterdam annually. It’s best to make arrangement for your accommodation before your arrival. Visiting Amsterdam during school holidays, summer months and weekends is more expensive. 

The cost of accommodation will also be affected during the period. Research to find cheap hotels or hostels with standard facilities on time. 

4   Protect your belongings 

Skilled pickpockets exist in Amsterdam just like every other tourist spot. They are always looking for an easy target, so keep your wallets and mobile devices safe. Carry bags with zippers that are working perfectly. 

Be mindful when you are in public, especially in crowded areas. It’s safer to leave valuables at home so that you won’t attract undue attention. 

5   Take note of the weather 

Put the current season into consideration when preparing for your trip. Ensure that you pack the right clothing and shoes to keep you comfortable. It can rain in Amsterdam without prior notice. Rain gear will come in handy.  

6   Travel with a camera 

Look forward to stunning backgrounds for those Instagram worthy pictures. Although some buildings and museums have been around for decades, they are still beautiful. You can also take pictures at filming locations as some blockbuster movies were shot in Amsterdam.

If you can’t afford a camera, use your smartphone to take pictures and edit with mobile apps. You can always cherish the memories you made in Amsterdam each time you look at the pictures. Never take the photos of people working in the Red Light District. 

It’s disrespectful, illegal and your phone may be seized even after paying a huge fine.   

7    Eat like a local 

Get local ingredients and fruits in the market and cook. Another way to save money on feeding is to eat street food. Confirm that they are prepared in hygienic condition to avoid eating contaminated food. 

Amsterdam is known for top-class cuisine that will leave your taste buds craving for more. Make sure you try cheese, pancakes, stamppot, herring, and sate. The tap water in Amsterdam is completely safe, so you have nothing to worry about.

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