It’s a brand new year! Which means all new classroom decorations.

If you’ve been a primary school teacher for awhile or even if you’re just starting out, you know a functioning classroom is a well-organized classroom. Stuck on classroom decoration ideas for primary school?

This is a chance to tap into your creative side. Think about what themes or colors you want to present to your students. Do you want to change it seasonally or keep something year round?

Here are some creative classroom decoration ideas for primary school to get you started.

Decked Out Storage

As a teacher, you’ll need lots of storage space. Doesn’t mean you can’t keep it fun!

Whether it’s part of your desk or a place for their book bags and homework; everything is better with a little color!

Decorative Filing Cabinets

Spruce up your drab old filing cabinets. Use spray paint or decorative paper to cover the outside of your filing cabinets.

Patterned paper against a color background, creates a bit of pop.

Look for mood enhancing colors like yellow or orange to promote positivity and inspiration.

Personalized Homework Boxes

This is a win-win for both student and teacher. On the first day of school, let the kids decorate the boxes however they want. With stickers, pictures, quotes, anything they choose.

Then, they will use these boxes to turn in their homework every day. Having a routine in place is a great way for the students to form good habits.

The teacher will be able to take a quick glance and see who hasn’t turned in their homework.

And the children will look forward to turning their homework into a personalized box they made all their own.

Reward Good Work

Give kids a place where they can hang their best work. Or a place where you can track their progress and reward them when they achieve a new milestone.

Children thrive on rewarded behavior and it gives them a sense of pride to see their work showcased.

Reward Boards

Reward boards are also great to have around during parent-teacher conferences. There’s nothing like seeing a child light up showing their parents their latest work of art.

Is it picture worthy? Check out this cute modern display idea.

Use clothespins to hang up and take down the little masterpieces without having to tape it up or damage it with staples.


Children love having something to look at on the wall when they enter a classroom.

It keeps their minds engaged and eager to learn.

Bonus points if it’s entertaining and educational!

Inspirational Quotes

Motivate your students every day with positive and innovative ideas.

Don’t know where to look?

Dr. Seuss has some of the best motivational kid-friendly quotes out there. Just open up Oh the Places You’ll Go for some inspiration.

Welcome Posters

Put up a big welcome poster with everyone’s name on it that they can see as soon as they enter the room.

Kids love to feel that they belong and they are apart of a group. Make them feel right at home with a little personalization.

Not good with crafts? Or simply don’t have the time?

Call New Era Print Solutions for customized classroom posters that you can use year after year.

Interactive Decorations

Don’t think all classroom decoration ideas for primary school have to be boring! You want to engage and excite your students!

Creating interactive classroom decorations and activity learning areas will keep your students having fun while creating their environment.

Calendar & Clock Station

Depending on what age your students are, you can modify this station as needed. It’s a great way to start the day with a fun team building activity. Each day, the students can take turns maintaining the station.

For Kindergarten – 2nd grade, the students will love changing the date and clock throughout the day. For 3rd – 5th grade, you can transform this to a weather station, with a thermometer and storm tracking.

Birthday Tracker

Everyone loves to feel special on their special day!

Put up a birthday tracker and give the birthday girl or boy a little extra attention on their birthday.

That way, everyone can look forward to their birthday coming up. Also gives a chance for the kids to get some of their wiggles out.

Dry Erase Stickers

Eliminate the issue of kids drawing on the desks by letting them draw on their desks! With removable dry erase stickers, you can let the kids solve and erase right at their desk.

They come in tons of fun shapes and colors. (Get creative by cutting them to fit your needs!)

It’s great when trying to work with the class as a whole and you can easily see their work as you go.

Reading Corner

Create a quiet space for your students with a comfortable reading nook. All you need to make this your student’s favorite place in the classroom is a bunch of interesting pillows and a large plush rug.

And of course your favorite books! Make your bookshelf fit your theme with some of these creative ways to spruce up your bookshelves.

Tips for Keeping it Clean

Make All-Star Teacher status with some of these kid-friendly hacks. These easy tricks may save your carpet (or their clothes) one of these days!

Put to go cups around paint and brushes. The Starbucks frappuccino containers are the best, put paint in the cup part and use your paintbrush where the straw would go.

If it tips over, no problem! The top cup will keep all the paint inside!

Keep your classroom low clutter by using bins to organize school supplies. These bins come in many different colors and can be labeled for perfect classroom organization.

More Classroom Decoration Ideas for Primary School

Need more inspiration?

Search “classroom decoration ideas for primary school” on Pinterest and you will find loads of different ideas.

Looking for other activities to do with kids? Check out the Florida Independent for party and cooking craft ideas.

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