Technology is a crucial element in our lives, with a predicted four trillion dollars being spent on technology within 2019 alone. Which is why it’s important to ensure that your money is being spent on the best tech accessories on the market. Which can become difficult considering the number of new products that seem to hit the market on a daily basis?

If you’re looking to enhance your tech game,  read on for our list of the best tech accessories to add to your cart today.

What to Look for in the Best Tech Accessories

Before shopping for your new toys, there are some important factors to consider before making your purchases.

Be on the lookout for gadgets that come with strong reviews, as well as warranty plans in case the device becomes damaged.  

You’ll also want to see if similar products can be purchased with the same quality from manufacturers that may not have the brand name power as more expensive options.

The Flexispot Bike Desk

In case you haven’t heard, sitting has basically become the new smoking. While technology has allowed us to work from practically anywhere in the world, it’s also increased the amount of time we spend sitting at desks and on the couch.

Use technology to enhance your health rather than hurt it with the flexispot bike desk. These desks can be found online for around $400 and can easily be assembled without taking up too much room in your office.

Uhoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor  

It’s easy to argue that this piece of tech is just as important as the air that you breathe. That’s because the Uhoo indoor air quality sensor is designed to analyze the quality of air within your home and office. This device easily connects to your Wi-Fi as well as additional smart devices to seamlessly communicate to you the quality of air in your space.

This is particularly valuable for those with little ones at home or those that are suffering from conditions like asthma, that need to ensure the quality of the air that they breathe.

Phonesoap Phone Sanitizer

Your phone goes everywhere with you, even in the public restroom. Chances are, however, your phone isn’t getting cleaned as often as it should be. In the event that you’re wiping it down to avoid any damage, you’re probably leaving on more germs than you’re aware of.

This simple product can help sanitize one of the dirtiest devices you can’t live without. Through the use of UV light, the phone sanitizer can sterilize a cell phone killing off 99.9% of bacteria in minutes.

It even comes with handy charging port so you can boost up your battery while getting your phone sparkly clean.

There are a number of tech advancements that are pushing individuals to say goodbye to their cable providers. Skylink TV antenna is one of them.

The compact TV antenna is set up within your home through an easy software installation that can also connect to your Wi-Fi network.

For just $31 you can view live broadcasted TV in HD without having to pay an extra dime. Combine this handy tool with your favorite Netflix and Hulu account, and you have everything your television needs.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected Robot Vacuum

While Robot vacuum technology has been around for years, chances are you’ve never seen it quite like this. The Neato botvac D7 connected Robot vacuum is not only incredibly lightweight and easy to function it also utilizes artificial intelligence to create a full-on map of your room. Cool, right?!

This means no more robot vacuums banging into walls or marking up your baseboards. It also means that the robot can cover more square footage getting an even deeper clean.

Eight Sleep Tracker

Sleep is one of the most important factors in your overall health. Not only can a lack of sleep slow down your cognitive processing, but it can also increase your chances of depression and weight gain. Which is why the eight sleep tracker is the perfect product to buy for yourself and for those that you love.

The sleep tracker works as part of your mattress cover and syncs with your smartphone to include full analytics data on how you sleep each night.

This device also analyzes your sleep patterns in order to make personalized suggestions on how to better enhance your quality of sleep. Which may come in handy when you spend too many nights staying up watching your Skylink TV.

The Apple Watch Series 4

What would a tech list be without a product from Apple? The Apple Watch series 4 is the newest Apple watch model that offers a number of new features including a longer-lasting battery, fall detection, and even a walkie-talkie.

If you’re not a fan of the traditional look of the Apple watch, you can always upgrade your style by purchasing one-size-fits-all strap for Apple watch collections.

The Tech News You Want and Need

Staying on top of your tech game means knowing about the best tech accessories from the moment they come out.  This requires finding the best source for technology updates and news.

For more information on the best technology in the market and any other developments within the gadget scene, check out our blog to stay in the loop. You’ll thank us when your friends are begging you to tell them where you found all of your futuristic gear.

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How a search engine doesn’t work

Many people think that search engines are a ubiquitous, ultra-dynamic technology. The likes of Google know exactly when a new website is created and adds it to some database. If a user enters the right term, that website will be among the search results, probably not too far from the front page.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite a simple as that. It’s true that companies like DuckDuckGo can return results from pretty much anywhere on the World Wide Web. But these companies don’t return comprehensive or neutral results.

The selectivity of search engines

Thousands of websites are being created every day. As a result, search engines have to show a degree of selectivity when it comes to the results of a searcher’s inquiry.

When you search for something, you’re not getting unfiltered results from a neutral source. Filters are in place that prevent business owners who are using unethical SEO tactics from appearing in search results.

There have been many times in which disputes between a website and a search engine have culminated in throttled search results. Remember the dispute between Genius and Google? This was the result of unhealthy SEO.

Understanding searcher psychology

When someone wants to find something, they’re going to use the search term they feel is most appropriate. Many companies assume that there can only be a limited number of obvious search terms that would lead to their company. But a user doesn’t always use the inquiries or search terms you might expect. Not everyone visits Google knowing exactly what they’re looking for!

You also need to understand that your average searcher is not going to look beyond the first two or three pages of search results. They’re likely to use one of the first few results or change their search term.

Getting to grips with the numbers

As you can see, the world of search engines is a complex one. It makes the workload of really good SEO absolutely tremendous. Understanding how the various algorithms of sites and psyches of users is no small task. It’s why many companies choose to use SEO consulting. It’s also why many companies simply don’t bother with SEO at all.

But when you see the numbers, your mind should be changed. The average number of Google searches per month hovers around the figure of six billion. And make no mistake: it’s search engines that are the most common gateway to any given business. It’s not television advertising or social media marketing. (Not that you should be ignoring the latter!) It’s organic search results.

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