Implementation of field service management software can enhance employee productivity by 33%.

The aim of any entrepreneur is to optimally use their human and non-human resources to achieve high customer satisfaction. Whenever a business is able to do that effectively, you can only expect success.

For those who have field processes, field service management software can be a game changer. This article will discuss the benefits this software can offer you.

What Is Field Service Management Software?

This is software that helps field service technicians deliver effective onsite services.

It does this by tracking requests, managing personnel, and maintaining visibility during operations. Some of the common features that come with the software include:

• Work order management
• Inventory management
• Scheduling
• Dispatch
• Fleet tracking
• Reporting
• Analytics

These features allow companies to enhance coordination between their offices, warehouses, and onsite personnel. This saves the business time and money while speeding up transactions.

Benefits of Using Field Management Software

Technology has revolutionized many industries and has introduced new ways of doing things. Field service management software pushes the envelope when it comes to service delivery. The following are some of the benefits it presents.

1. Increased Efficiency

Whenever you dispatch your filed personnel to a project, the software sends the task to their mobile devices. Among other things the dispatch message includes:

• The tools and parts they require
• Necessary contacts
• Contractual commitments
• Service history
• Applicable warranties
• The most efficient route to the site

What this means is that your personnel will have all the relevant information in their fingertips. This will allow for efficiency and timely delivery of services.

As they labor on, the software checks off every completed task on their mobile device. It keeps planners and informs managers about what is happening in the field in real time.

The software also allows field personnel to record service notes, labor expended, and resources consumed on their mobile devices.

The FSM solution also tracks and manages things such as refurbishments, equipment returns, reverse logistics, and depot repairs.

This allows it to advise you on decisions such as if it is cost effective to return equipment for repair or replacement rather than sending your technician to the field.

Moreover, accurate resources dispositions make sure that refurbished resources are not overlooked or scrapped.

2. Increased Accuracy

Having all field service management activities being handled by one tool enhances the accuracy of your data and decisions.

For instance, field service management software enhances the precision of inventory tracking in the service supply chain.

This is because it records whenever parts are taken from stock or when they are taken from suppliers. This ensures the optimal placement of parts as well as accurate stock management.

This also helps in work planning. For instance, when you have such accurate inventory management, you will not have to make a lot of trips to the warehouse.

The software calculates the exact amount of tools and materials you need for a given period, so you do not have to return for more.

3. Responsiveness

When you do not incorporate intelligent tools in your processes, you will consistently be in a reactive state.

Situations in the field can change at a moment’s notice. This might cause your work plans to lose effectiveness. Necessary equipment or labor might be missing, or union laws might necessitate an extra worker.

The weather might not be in your favor, a task may take longer than expected, in addition to other unforeseen circumstances.

Using manual systems means that you will have to change your approach as these things occur. This will hinder you from being effective.

An FSM software offers you real-time communication that allows you to respond quickly to situations.

4. Oversight

This software allows you to have GPS tracking on your teams whenever they are on the field.

This enhances your oversight ability. For example, you can tell their precise location as well as the time they arrived. Thus, you will be able to know when a worker is not in the designated area.

Having such capabilities ensure that you can supervise your field personnel remotely. Thus, if someone is not doing as expected, you can take the necessary measures to rectify the situation.

5. Work Order Management

Work orders are both the bread-and-butter and one of the biggest challenges for service businesses. A work order communicates job details and invoicing between onsite personnel, office employees, and customers.

However, as with any other paper filing system, it can be unreliable. Without a proper filing system, these orders can quickly pile up, get misplaced, or not be completed.

Field service management software solves these problems by digitizing all functions involved in work order processing. The software allows both the technical and office personnel to effortlessly make new orders while searching existing ones digitally.

The software further eases work order processing by sending completed projects directly to invoicing or the client. It also matches the right skill sets to the right jobs.

When you have digital work order processing, you not only eliminate office desk clutter but also streamline operations for your crew and office staff.

6. Customer Relationship Management

Acquiring a customer is hard, retaining them is even harder.

Software for field techs can help you with both. Businesses usually lose clients due to disappointing customer experiences. This usually comes in the form of late appointments, canceled meetings, double bookings, and more.

All these leave a bad taste in a customer’s mouth, and they might start looking to your competitors for services.

An FSM software ensures that this does not happen through its scheduling feature. It offers real-time information to onsite personnel, which allows them to assess each situation timely.

This ensures that there is no miscommunication thus keeping the client happy. Improving your customer experience has a direct positive effect on customer lifetime value and revenue.

7. Analytics and Reporting

All the data that the FSM software collects allows you insights into your processes. You are able to see where resources are being wasted, thus allowing you to make the necessary changes to improve your processes.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Field Service Software

Field service management software can improve your business by making it more efficient. It streamlines the processes of every person in the company.

This enables you to provide services in a timely and efficient manner, thus minimizing resource wastage and improving profitability.

Do you have FSM software in your company? Try it today and experience its benefits.

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