Content marketing is not just for promotion, but successful content marketing means focusing on the target audience, effectively conveying a message, and fostering relationships with loyal customers. ย 

In the current digital marketplace, 91% of marketers are using content marketing due to the immense success of online platforms. People use social media platforms, which makes them a great fit to market your products or services.

Some companies are very skeptical about their content marketing practices due to lack of expertise. Many businesses are already using content marketing, but there’s always room for improvement and learning.

Here are six lessons to learn from successful content marketers, which can help you develop an effective content marketing campaign.

Lesson # 1 Establish Brand Image

Businesses with the right brand image and market reputation easily appeal to customers and potential audiences.

Content makes it easier for businesses to communicate their brand message to its intended audience as it serves as a bridge between the two. Your message must be very clear yet concise, so it leaves a powerful impact on your target audience. Your brand image is reflected in the following:

  • Brand Name โ€“ It needs to be relevant enough to give an idea to customers about what you’re offering and what your brand is about. For instance โ€“ Adidas stands for ‘All day I dream about sports.’ It reflects that Adidas is a sports brand.
  • Tagline โ€“ This is a slogan for the business, which in short, represents a brand message. Adidas uses ‘Impossible is nothing’ as its motto to convey its message to its audience.
  • Marketing Tactics โ€“ Customers prefer brands who instead of focusing on promoting their products through ads and posts, focus on developing trust with their customers. It would help if you were wise enough to choose the right practices to build confidence in the eyes of the customers.
6 key lessons to learn from successful content marketers

Conveying brand messages through content is essential. Many businesses fail with their content marketing strategy because they are unable to integrate their brand message with what customers want. ย 

Brian Clark, CEO of copy blogger, suggests, “Great content comes through the knowledge of your audience and your brand โ€“ while integrating both is the key.”

Once your brand image is established, people are likely to trust and follow your brand because research suggests that 94% of people make purchases from the businesses they follow.

Lesson # 2 Mobile-Friendly Content

Smartphones have led to the Internet of Things (IoT). People use their mobile devices to access all the information they require โ€“ with brands being one click away. Since around 80% of people own smartphones, there are very few people who open their desktop to make purchases or read emails.

Your business needs to focus on producing content that should be optimized for mobile and fit the smaller screens. When a blog or website is not optimized for a mobile phone, it makes it difficult to use, since it involves a lot of zooming and scrolling.

6 key lessons to learn from successful content marketers

The above statistics suggest the importance of content optimization on mobile phones. It won’t just help in gaining potential customers but also boost rankings on the search engine because Google prefers websites that are optimized for mobile devices.

Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, suggests that paying attention to small details is very important when it comes to content marketing; missing out on little things can have a significant impact on the whole campaign.

You need to enhance your customers’ experience โ€“ making it as smooth as possible. It can be done by using a mobile-friendly font, which is easily readable and has a fast loading speed because attention spans of customers are too short these days.

If your content is customized, it will engage customers by generating traffic to your website. With most people spending approximately 3 hours on average on their mobile devices every day, they desire content that fits their preferences.

Lesson # 3 Produce Shareable Content

Millennials love to do everything on social media platforms, whether it be building friendships, watching entertaining videos, or sharing pictures. It’s an ‘all-in-one’ place for everything.

If anything is interesting, your audience will share it with other people or post it on their social media accounts. Therefore, you need to create content which delivers your message efficiently. Optimize all your content in a way that is easily shareable on social media.

Sharing content won’t just help you reach a broader audience but also help in developing a brand image for your business. When one person shares your content, all their followers will potentially see your content, which enhances your online visibility.

The place/platform where you’re sharing your content is also essential. For instance, Tasty, a popular food channel, creates interactive and sharable content on its Instagram that makes cooking more fun for its followers. It shares scrumptious recipes, engaging the audience.

content marketers

Apart from blogs, there are videos, eBooks, podcasts, among others that are preferred by people. Though podcasts are all verbal, you need to create show notes of podcasts on your webpage. If you’re able to produce compelling videos for your business, then the chances of sharing content are higher as 54% of people are more likely to share videos.

6 key lessons to learn from successful content marketers

Michele Lin, a content marketer, encourages you to focus on what does one need and how you can help them. Once you deliver to customer requirements, it increases the chances that your content will be shared.

Sending out information through emails shouldn’t be your only goal. Instead, to generate organic traffic for your business, create exclusive and entertaining content which is easily shareable. ย 

Lesson # 4 Know your Goals

Every business aims to maximize its profits. Apart from this, there are other goals as well which companies are striving to achieve. It includes increasing conversion rates or launching a new product.

Brad Kuenn โ€“ Marketing Manager at Vertical measures states, “It is very important for businesses to set realistic goals as it is one of the most important steps towards a successful content marketing strategy.”

Analyze whether your content marketing strategy is helping you achieve your goals or not? If you are not achieving your business goals, then the content strategy needs to be redefined.

successful content marketers

Your content strategy must resonate with the audience to ensure brand recognition. When a business has a clear set of goals, it can create buyer personas to determine what the audience wants from them. Great content is produced by conveying their brand story but keeping it in line with customer interests and business goals.

Remember, the goal of your business is not to produce as much content as possible, but to achieve your goals through content.

Lesson # 5 Prioritize your Customers

Your brand reputation depends on customer opinions and the impression of your brand. Your claims are of no use because ‘word of mouth’ holds excellent power in the 20th century.

One of the famous content marketers Chris Bird, President at Vertical Measures, suggests it’s easy for a business to talk about themselves, their company and services, but what matters is getting into the mindsets of the customers. Knowing what your customers want is very crucial.

Therefore, it is vital to satisfy your customers and put them before anything else. Analyze your customers’ journey to help them in their decision phase to make purchases. You need to optimize your content in a way that it can serve customers in different stages.

learn from successful content marketers

Today, businesses now seek to put their customers first before developing any strategies โ€“ develop strategies in line with customers’ interest.

Produce content which serves their interests, rather than using jargon and complex sentences. Answer their queries and put up third-party reviews and recommendations to increase credibility.

Lesson # 6 Diversified Content

Sticking to just text-based information can become annoying for the readers. To gain their attention, you need to add in pictures or videos into the content to make it look appealing. Add colors, different font styles, and sizes as it is the best way to liven up basic information.

Nichole Kohler of WebpageFx suggests, never be too afraid of your customers and always ask them for potential feedback. Only then would you know what sort of content they prefer.

Infographics are useful as they are a great way to deliver information visually. In fact, 84% of people like infographics due to their unique style and graphics.

If you want your content to appeal to readers, you need to make it attractive, so that it is retained. It is what infographics are all about! They are not just eye-catchy but informative, too, which makes it easy to convey a message.

lessons to learn from successful content marketers

The above statistics show that 57% of people find infographics more important than pictures, videos, and illustrations. Videos may be entertaining, but infographics are more visually appealing. They are known to be portable, which means they are easily shareable.

If you are at a loss to come up with great content occasionally, or you are looking for inspiration to diversify, you can always take a peek at what other successful marketers are doing right. With purpose-built tools, you can scrape other successful marketersโ€™ content from social media to see just how you can improve your content further and attract customer engagement.

The Bottom Line

Every marketer believes in content that provides significant value to a brand. It must apply to the interests and behavior of the audience. No matter what type of material, it must be authentic enough to serve the audience. All the marketing efforts of a company must grow out of the brand.

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