Food is essential to life, but some people definitely appreciate it more than others. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or on a “see-food” diet, it’s one thing to eat fast food or frozen meals all the time and another to make a home-cooked meal.

Maybe you do appreciate good food, but you just don’t know how to cook it yourself or where to get your hands on it. Such knowledge comes with practice. You’re bound to burn a few meals every once in a while or try a fluke of a restaurant sometimes, but expanding your palate is always worth the effort.

Who knows, you may end up planning your next vacation based entirely on food! Here are six foodie vacations to consider taking to indulge all of your taste buds.

1. Miami

Miami is by no means the food capital of the world, but it is the closest thing you have to a foodie vacation if you live in Florida. Here, you can try everything from freshly caught seafood plates to homemade pizza and pasta dishes to amazing Thai food and raw vegan eats.

The trick is to know what you’re looking for. Do a little bit of research before taking a road trip here or flying in. If you don’t, you’ll end up struggling to get a reservation at some of Miami’s best or paying more than you bargained for.

Still, you’re bound to eat some exceptional things here. For a sense of direction, see if there are any ICONIC articles about places to eat in this city.

2. New York City

Next up on the list is another vacation for foodies you can do in the States – New York City. New York arguably deserves to be a foodie destination just for the number of food establishments it has, because it would take you almost 23 years to eat through all of the city! That’s with eating out twice a day, every day.

Since you probably don’t have two decades of your life to go on vacation, try to break down your trip in terms of the boroughs you’d like to visit or the food you want to taste. This is the place to be if you want to find international cuisine without leaving the country.

New York has it all. If you want the best Chinese takeout you ever had, Korean barbecue, authentic Latin food, or French pastries that melt in your mouth, you have to come here.

3. Florence

If you do have the adventurous spirit and the funds to go overseas for food, consider visiting Florence. Located in the heart of the Italian countryside (aka Tuscany), Florence offers a full range of the best Italian foods there are.

Of course, you can eat your heart’s desire in pasta, pizza, and gelato. But, Italian food is so much more! Try hearty vegetables from the countryside and thick, delicious soups. Take a bite of the most amazing tiramisu and, whatever you do, don’t leave without having a steak Florentine (if you eat meat, of course).

4. Paris

France is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Italy. Here, you’ll find buttery sauces and savory sweets – a distinct contrast from the flavors and ingredients of common Italian fare.

That doesn’t make French food any less delicious, though. Try a traditional “steak fries” (steak with french fries) for a bit of comfort food or see how you like plates made with bechamel or hollandaise sauces, a side of ratatouille, or, maybe dare to bite into a snail! If the latter grosses you out, don’t ask what escargot is.

While you’re walking around enjoying Paris’ sights and sounds, stop for a coffee and a chocolate croissant or a macaroon. If you want both, go for it. Just be sure you save some of your sweet food cravings for an after-dinner souffle or Tarte Tatin, traditional French desserts that will have your mouth watering.

5. Mumbai

Maybe you’re already familiar with certain kinds of European cuisine and you want to do something different for your foodie vacations. If so, your first stop should be Mumbai, India’s largest city.

Indian cuisine dates back thousands of years. To this day, many traditional establishments only use the freshest of ingredients, often grinding herbs and spices every month, week, or even every day! The blends of different flavors always taste amazing and truly expand your mind to what one can do with food.

Start with a classic Indian meal like curry – of which there are many types – or some pieces of naan with Baingan bharta (roasted eggplant mash) or pieces of cheese. Then, indulge yourself with things like momos, Chole bhature, Kati rolls, or Rajma.

If you have an especially adventurous eating style, try Nethili varuval. This is a plate of anchovies that are dipped in turmeric and chile then fried to a crisp.

6. London

Last but not least, think about heading to London for a truly all-inclusive food vacation. This city has it all. Think, the experiences available in Miami and New York, but on a much higher level.

London is famous for its quick markets with many pop-up stands where you can grab a bite of various cuisines. Head to Borough Market to eat raclette and paella in the same place, or go to Camden to try everything from street-style crepes to amazing mac and cheese and delicious Venezuelan arepas.

Many of these stands are celebrated by the cultures they represent, recognized by visitors from all around the world. But, you can also dine around London’s finest sit-down establishments.

Be sure to find a pub to try traditional Brit plates like fish ‘n chips, shepherd’s pie, and bangers and mash as well. Most importantly, don’t forget to have a traditional English breakfast before you leave!

Take Your Foodie Vacations to the Next Level

Are you already drooling at the thought of these foodie vacations? That’s how you know your passion for food is the real deal. Many of the best restaurants in the world can be found in the locations on this list, and they have the Michelin stars or highly-renowned reviews to show for it.

Other great places to visit include Tokyo, Bangkok, Sydney, Madrid, and Marrakesh. Wherever you decide to go, though, check out our travel tips to help you get there!

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