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  1. London
  2. Berlin
  3. Warsaw
  4. Paris
  5. Basel
  6. Hamburg

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. It is also famous for its heritage, construction, canal system and tourist attractions. Amsterdam is home to many hidden gems and different ways to explore. Sometimes, you simply need a break or some free time.ย 

If you live in Amsterdam, you can easily travel to other cities for weekend trips. In fact, residents of the city love to go on weekend trips from Amsterdam. There are many beautiful cities in the Netherlands and surrounding countries where you can go on a weekend trip.ย 

Following are 6 destinations that are considered the best for weekend trips from Amsterdam:


Hundreds of people visit London from Amsterdam every day. You can travel to London either by plane or by train. The flight takes a little less than an hour while the train takes a little more than four hours. The city offers so many tourist attractions and cuisines that you may need several weekend trips to explore them.ย 

You will find many tourists at London Bridge, museums, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, outside the parliament, Primrose Hill, Little Venice, museums, restaurant, and theatres.ย 


Berlin is a wonderful tourist destination because of its unique culture. The food scene in the German capital is continuously growing. During the summer, you will find many festivals taking place in the parks. You will experience a friendly atmosphere on the streets due to music and food trucks. You can visit many historical sites and museums. You can also attend several outdoor events.


Warsaw is the largest city of Poland and its capital. The old town of the city and castle are popular for their unique architecture. Unlike most capital cities of the Europe, it is very affordable for tourists. Polish cuisines are popular for their unique taste. If you are food lover, you must visit Warsaw and try out the local cuisines.ย 


The French capital is famous all over the world for its culture, fashion industry, art and unique cityscape. You can travel from Amsterdam to Paris either by plane or by train. It will take a little more than 1 hour by plane whereas it will take a little more than 3 hours by train to reach Paris.

ย You will find delicious foods that are available at stunning locations in the city. Everyday, thousands of people visit Eifel Tower which is one of the 7 wonders of the world. The grassy area of Esplanade des Invalides is worth visiting. Paris is a massive city, so you will want to plan accordingly or book a tour to see everything in an efficient manner.


Basel is in the northwest of Switzerland. The famous Rhine River flows through the city giving it a unique outlook. It is an excellent yet cheap destination for a week trip from Amsterdam. You will be stunned by the views of bridges and old town centers. You will find many places to eat and drink in Basel. Basel is also famous for its beautiful winter.ย 


Hamburg is a famous port city located in northern part of the Germany. You can visit many areas of the city and explore different activities. The old town of the city is famous for its unique buildings. Food lovers can enjoy a wide range of cuisines that are available at wonderful spots all over the Hamburg. You can enjoy food from pulled BBQ to fine dining.

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