Over the past few years, the demand for food delivery in developed countries has grown considerably. In 2020, food delivery Florida services are even more popular than ever because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Isolation has changed the way we consume different products. A great part of the Earth’s population started using delivery apps rather than buying groceries at supermarkets or cooking at home for themselves.

Best Food Delivery Florida Companies

Delivery companies are at their best now, so entrepreneurs around the world wonder how to build a food delivery app to get a piece of this sweet pie. In the time of crisis, this task seems difficult and risky for many of them.

But the current statistics gives confidence that building a similar app may perfectly pay off later. Even in developing countries, new food delivery apps come out to conquer the market. All of them derive food delivery Florida from the US market leaders that will be described further in this article.

Top 6 Food Delivery Apps of 2020

The reasons why people love delivery apps are obvious. There’s no need to leave home, no lines, no time wasted, and loyal customer service that quickly processes complaints about the poor-quality food or food delivery Florida .

Most of such apps have similar functions, for instance, menu lists, order tracking, time and distance estimation, payment processing, cart, etc. However, all delivery companies have something special for their customers. The list below will tell you about the six most praised delivery apps and describe how they are special.

1. DoorDash

There’s an obvious food delivery war going on, in which DoorDash has been a winner for the past two years. The small group of Stanford students gave rise to this application in 2013 and were steadily moving to the top of the on-demand food delivery Florida services niche.

One of the main features that make it stand out from similar companies is the usage of complex logistics to deliver food in more than 4,000 Canadian, Australian, and US cities. Besides, it’s one of the most reasonably-priced services, through which customers can order any amount of food without a weight limit.

2. UberEats

The Uber company has proven its superiority over competitors in ride-hailing and also gained vast recognition in the food delivery niche. In the midst of the pandemic, the number of new UberEats users increased by 30%. The app also offers various menu filters, including browsing by cuisine, dish, restaurant, etc.

A customer can pay with a credit card or Uber Cash, which is a service that helps people prepay for any Uber purchases besides food. Its unique options include the dine-in option for reserving the table at any restaurant beforehand. In 2019, Uber also worked on drone delivery which implies transferring portions of food to customers by air.

3. Grubhub

Grubhub is an order-and-delivery marketplace that’s active in 3,200 US cities. Its restaurant base includes In February 2020, the company started its Grubhub+ monthly fee program offering a month of limitless subscription food boxes delivery from restaurants that closely cooperate with Grubhub.

Within this program, customers can get 10% cashback from orders and join the Elite Care team for even more advanced customer support. Grubhub supports nutrition programs such as No Kid Hungry that aims at feeding orphans in America.

4. Instacart

Instacart differs from other apps by offering users a “personal shopper.” A personal shopper is a person who takes the order, packs it, and delivers to a customer within the time indicated by this customer. The food delivery Florida time varies from an hour to five days in advance. Exclusive coupons for users based on their order history and categories offering gluten-free, organic, and vegan food are the most distinctive features of the application.

The company has over 20,000 food & beverage partners all over the USA. Instacart encourages a lot of people to work for it for solving the problems of constantly growing demand in timely deliveries and unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic.

5. Postmates

Postmates is actually an on-demand application, through which anyone can order any food from the company’s local partners in 4,200 US cities. The philosophy of this brand is: “Get what you want anytime you want it,” meaning that customers can use the service 24/7 and get customer support anytime.

One of the biggest advancements done by Postmates is unveiling the autonomous delivery robot developed by the company’s software engineers.

6. Domino’s Pizza USA

Domino’s Pizza is one of the world’s biggest pizza franchises. The company has its own delivery application that’s high-rated by more than a million users. Users praise the Domino’s app for the simplicity and diversity of perks provided.

For instance, anyone on the app can earn points to get a free pizza, use voice ordering, or place an Easy Order by clicking once on the box button. When making an order, a user can pick from traditional, artisan, and other specialty pizzas as well as the dishes of Italian-American cuisine like pasta, baked sandwiches, chicken fillets, desserts, and many more.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a good time for delivery companies in terms of profitability. People will continue to choose food delivery Florida over eating out at restaurants or grocery shopping even more frequently in the years to come.

This fact provides many entrepreneurs with the confidence to start a similar business and make it more advanced in the future. The world expects more elaborated delivery robots, drones, and transport to serve customers everywhere and anytime.

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