Most people who are addicted to drugs did not just jump in and become addicted to the drug quickly. Instead, they might have started using drugs because of a legitimate medical issue or tried them a few times and enjoyed taking them at first. But, when does it cross the line from recreational or medical use to addiction? Below are 5 ways to tell if you might be addicted to drugs.

End up Using the Drug More Frequently

Those who only use drugs once in a while are typically not addicted to them, but it likely won’t stay that way for very long. Eventually, they may end up using the drug more frequently and using higher doses to get the same feelings they had previously. When this happens, it’s likely they’re becoming addicted to the drug and may benefit from seeking substance abuse treatment before it progresses further.

Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

Using drugs recreationally typically means the person won’t suffer many effects if they stop taking the drug for a while. If they’ve started taking it more frequently and experience withdrawal symptoms when they do try to stop, this could be a sign they’re addicted and need more help. Once they start suffering withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop taking the drug, it’s far more difficult for them to stop on their own.

Using Drugs Alone or in Risky Situations

Many people start out taking drugs in social situations along with other friends. However, if they progress to where they’re taking drugs on their own or they’re putting themselves in risky situations to get or take drugs, it’s a sign that they need help. At this point, they are at a much higher risk of dangerous or deadly complications from the drugs because of the situations they’re in and because there may not be anyone to help if they need it.

Difficulty Dealing with Emotions or Situations Without the Drug

A lot of people start taking drugs to cover their emotions or to help them deal with certain situations in their life. If they cannot deal with their emotions or these situations without the drug, it’s a sign they may be addicted and may need help to recover. Dealing with emotions is never easy, but it’s also a sign of addiction to always try to cover up emotions through drugs or alcohol.

Experienced a Disruption in Life Because of the Drug

A drug addiction can completely change how a person acts and what they’re willing to do to get their drug of choice, which can lead to them losing their job, getting arrested, or suffering other major disruptions in their life because of the drug. When this happens, they are likely addicted to the drug and should start seeking help so they can recover and get their life back on track again.

Drug addictions can happen to just about anyone, even if they believe it’s not going to happen to them or that they’re more careful and won’t let their drug use get out of control. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it’s possible you’re suffering from addiction and could benefit from assistance. Take the time to look into the different options available today so you can get the help you need and start recovering from the addiction.

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