The average American household spends almost 8 hours watching TV every single day. But while watching your favorite shows can be entertaining, it’s not the best way to spend your time.

In fact, you can enjoy tons of benefits by living without cable. You’ll notice that you feel happier and healthier than ever before.

Do you want to know why? Keep reading to discover the top 5 benefits of ditching cable TV.

1. You’ll Be More Productive

Have you ever walked through your front door and immediately groaned when you saw the laundry or dirty dishes piling up? Seeing clutter and messes in your home can actually raise your stress levels because it reminds you of everything you still have to do.

But when you can choose between washing dishes and watching TV, the winner is clear.

If you get rid of cable, though, you’ll have more time to be productive at home. You can finally feel motivated to stay on top of cleaning, so your home feels relaxing to return to.

2. You’ll Save Money

How much do you spend on cable every month? Think about all the things that you could be doing with that money instead.

You could start buying organic produce, get a gym membership, start up a new hobby, or even afford to take a nice vacation at the end of the year. These are all things that would benefit your mental and physical health more than lounging on the couch in front of the TV.

Plus, with video streaming services and packages like Verizon Fios internet plans, you can get access to the internet and your favorite TV shows for a fraction of the price.

3. You Can Do Things You Enjoy

When was the last time you partook in your hobby or spent time outside? At some point, you probably made the excuse that you’re just too busy to get back into your favorite activities.

However, the truth is that you probably chose to spend your free time in front of the TV instead. When you get rid of cable, you’ll be more motivated to do things you like and get the most out of life.

4. You’ll Be Healthier

Unfortunately, watching TV every day helps to form some additional bad habits. You may skip the gym in favor of binge-watching your favorite show or mindlessly snack on junk food.

By going without cable, you’ll be more motivated to spend your free time at the gym, doing yoga, or going for a walk outside. Even spending a few minutes up and moving around is much better for your health than sitting on the couch all night.

You’ll also pay more attention to how much you’re eating, so you can practice healthier portion control.

5. Your Relationships Will Improve

It can be all too easy to feel distant from loved ones when we’re so preoccupied with TV, smartphones, and the like.

By cutting cable TV out of your life, you’re removing one of those technological barriers. You can actually enjoy a conversation over dinner with your spouse instead of eating in silence as you watch TV. Or maybe you’ll meet your friend out for lunch or pick up the phone and give your parents a call.

Consider Living Without Cable Today

Don’t waste your days watching TV anymore! Cancel your contract today, and enjoy all the benefits listed above when you start living without cable.

Do you want more tips for living your best life? Then check out these secrets to a happy life today.

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Adobe XD: Introduction and Free Preview Build For Apple macOS Users

Adobe’s free tool for designers that will give them a whole lot of new features. Adobe XD is a design and prototyping tool which is currently free to download. The first version was released in March 2016 and there is still much more to come.

What is Adobe XD?

Adobe Experience Design (XD) is a tool for designers that lets them create interactive prototypes of apps and websites. It is a drag-and-drop software which is literally a piece of cake to use.

Adobe XD Animation

Adobe XD 0.5 is the first public preview version and is available on Adobe’s official website as a free download. The very first version consists of following features:

• A design tool
• A prototyping tool
• Cross-platform integration
• Sharing feature that allows smooth sharing of prototypes and designs
• Easy-to-use
• Drag-and-drop builder
• Fast performance with no lags

The next update is scheduled to be released anytime at the end of this year which will add more power to the existing features. Some of the features that are expected to be released with the first update include:

• A better color picker tool
• Scrollable content
• A powerful design tool with rich text, gradients, effects and more
• Support for Windows 10
• Powerful prototype tool with mobile testing feature, integration at micro level, and an improved prototype sharing feature
• Addition of layers
• Inclusion of API layer

[embedded content]

These updates are not expected to be released all at once rather these will be released in chunks. By the end of this year, all these features will become the part of Adobe XD.

A Closer Look at the Adobe XD

Adobe XD has two tabs; design and prototype. These tabs can be selected as per need.

The design tab is where you design the app or the website. It lets you design the layout in an easy-to-use interface. The designers just have to drag and drop the objects, images, shapes etc. on the frame. Objects can be edited easily, for example, you can use repeat grid to create a duplicate wireframe in no time. Those who have used Adobe Illustrator need no more than an hour to get used to the interface.

The prototype is the tab which allows you to create interactive workflow by linking objects and screens. It lets you develop a linked workflow of your app or website that you are creating. Again, establishing these links is super-easy. Just drag the arrow to the screen of your choice to create a link.

Creating a design for your app or for your first website with Adobe XD 0.5 is not a big deal. It is just a matter of a few hours. If you are into this field, Adobe XD is one of the tools that you cannot miss. Though it has only the basic features for now but imagine its strength with the release of the updates. It is sure to become better over time.

When Adobe XD was released, it was downloaded by more than 75K users in just two days. Since then, downloads have multiplied exponentially. Adobe can now take the risk of investing money in its new tool as they have seen the huge demand.

Things will get better in the coming days. Keep following Adobe XD.

Apple macOS users can download the free preview build and try Adobe XD here ->

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