Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. Without it, how are you supposed to have good communication and be able to rely on each other?

A lack of trust creates barriers in everything couples do together. It won’t feel as comfortable to spend the day running errands or just sitting on the couch, and even intimacy will suffer. This is all because in the back of your mind there are negative thoughts and assumptions lingering.

You owe it to yourself to see if there’s any truth to this feeling in your gut.

Here are five things people do to expose cheaters, which you can easily do as well.

1. Check Their Phone

The next time your partner rolls out of bed to go to the bathroom or otherwise leaves their phone unattended, unlock it. You may need to watch them put in their code a few times to make sure you can get in.

Once you have access, do a quick search. You don’t want them to catch you being suspicious, after all. The top three things to check are recent calls, text messages, and social media accounts.

Discovering you have a cheating spouse may be as simple as finding a few flirty DMs, or repeated calls to an unknown number. If there’s time, check their photos and look for dating apps or secret messaging systems. Try a reverse phone lookup, or identify whose number is this, too.

2. Look at Their Browser History

Sometimes, you have to put a little more work in to bust a cheater. After checking their phone, see what they’ve been browsing online.

Is there a bunch of porn on their history? Have they been visiting one person’s Facebook account over and over? These are hints that your partner may not be as invested in the relationship as they once were, which can lead to cheating.

3. See What They’ve Been Spending Money on

Another way to exposure cheaters is to check their spending.

Think about it, when you want to woo someone, you take them to a nice dinner or buy special gifts. If there are charges like this on your partner’s accounts, but you know you weren’t the person they shared such experiences with, something’s up.

The most telling charge of all is a hotel room or some other travel expense you weren’t aware of. You probably have a cheating spouse if there’s a charge for a hotel the same night they told you they were “working late.”

4. Use a GPS Tracker

Maybe you have too much hope in your relationship to assume the other person is cheating, even when the evidence is staring right at you. To get to the bottom of suspicious activity (like mood swings or white lies), use a GPS tracker.

Most of the times, cheaters use the same lie over and over. They tell you it’s game night with the guys or they’re going for a drink with a client, when really, they’re elsewhere. See if you can find out where they really go.

Put a GPS tracker on your cheating boyfriend’s car or phone. This will lead you right to the bottom of the situation.

5. Catch Them in the Lie

Using a GPS tracker is just one of the ways to find cheaters in the act. Other options include:

  • setting them up
  • coming home earlier than you said you would
  • spying or hiring an investigative detective

These are actions you have to be creative about. You don’t want to reveal yourself to your partner until you’re sure they’re engaging in some form of cheating. Then, you can expose them on the spot.

What Happens After You Expose Cheaters?

It’s one thing to expose cheaters and another to deal with the breakup or mend your relationship from this point. To leave or to stay is up to you, but the two of you can’t live in a lie forever.

If you do end up breaking up, here are a few tips for finding yourself during this time.

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