There are many reasons why relationships don’t last and leave us wondering if we’ll ever find the real deal.

Are you in a relationship now?

Do you wonder if your man truly loves you or is just faking it? 

Perhaps its because the signs he loves you are different than what you might be expecting. Don’t judge your relationship on how often he brings you flowers or gifts. 

Look for the deeper signs. These are the ones that need to be there for your relationship to go the distance.

Keep reading to learn more. 

Five Undeniable Signs He Loves You

While it may sound logical that men and women love the same way, or that they cheat for the same reasons, the truth is they don’t. 

So don’t expect your man to feel or act the way you do when you love someone.

He’s a guy. He’s hard-wired differently.

If you want to know if he loves you, he will be doing the following things (without you having to ask him to).

1. He Keeps His Word

If you man tells you something and then does it, it is a good sign he loves you.

Especially if the promise was something difficult or unpleasant to keep. 

But the smaller, easier things matter, too. Maybe even more. If it’s easy (like texting you at a particular time), you should expect him to keep his word.

Consistently failing to do what you said you will do erodes trust. That’s not something he will want to do if he wants you to love him back.

2. Talks about Your Future Together

Everyone has their own personal goals and dreams about their future. Nor does that change simply because you fall in love.

If he’s in love with you, he will share his future plans with you and talk about how it will affect both your lives. He will want your input and feedback. 

If you’ve been together for a while and he’s told you he loves you, be wary when all his discussions about the future don’t appear to include you. If so, his words and his future desires may not be in sync. 

3. He Listens to You

Everyone is guilty of tuning out sometimes or getting distracted.

But if your man consistently connects with you and listens to what you have to say, it’s a good sign that he loves you.

He will show that he cares by taking time out to hear from you so you can discuss each other’s lives. If he’s not, something is wrong.

That being said, you do need to try to talk to him at the right times and in the right way. Just like women, men have their hobbies and times that they just aren’t in the right head space to pay attention well.

4. He Respects You

Another way to tell if he loves you is whether he shows you that he respects you. This overlaps with several other items on this list but is also different.

If your man regularly seeks your input and gives it consideration, it is a sign of respect.

He will also make you a priority in his life.

While he should and will have his own friends, interests, and hobbies, spending time with you will be important to him and he will make sure you understand that.

5. He’s There For You

Your man needs to feel irreplaceable, in fact, it is likely his secret obsession. He will want to be that one person who has your back and the person you can always turn to for support and love. 

And not only when it is time for sex or for dinner. He will be there when it really matters, every time.

This doesn’t mean if he isn’t there for you 24/7 on demand that he doesn’t love you. It means that if something bad happens, he will be there at your side, helping you through it. 

Is Your Man is Exhibiting Some of the Signs?

While men do vary in how they show they love another person, most of these signs are pretty universal.

But if he isn’t showing these signs he loves you, don’t fret. It doesn’t mean cupid’s arrow missed his heart.

Take a good long look at what he is doing. Is he meeting your emotional, physical and mental needs? If he is, consider giving him some more time. Maybe he just hasn’t gotten to the serious love phase yet.

If you’re still not sure, talk to him directly about it.

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