In the spring, summer, and fall, the weather can be so lovely that customers will enjoy sitting outside while sipping on some coffee or grabbing a drink and a bite to eat. 

Outdoor seating can take a restaurant to another level, especially in warm weather.

Here are the undeniable benefits of restaurant outdoor seating.

1. Restaurant Outdoor Seating is an Invitation for People to Stay Awhile

Outdoor seating doesn’t have to be just tables and chairs. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce different types of restaurant seating like couches or bench seating so that your customers can sit and relax for a while. 

Some restaurants are introducing garden seating, where the customer can sit near the growing fruits and vegetables that might end up on their plates. For a nice open feeling, a glass canopy is perfect in providing shelter while still allowing a good view, you can see more here

2. Outdoor Seating is a Space for All 

Outdoor seating spaces provide a great opportunity for all guests. Guests who may have mobility issues find it easier to access especially if they are using a wheelchair or walking aid. 

Outdoor dining is also a draw for those who would like to bring their dog with them when having a meal. This is also a great chance for the restaurant to draw in a huge demographic of people who own dogs because they will know that its a friendly space and are more likely to frequent it again. 

3. Great Option for Extra Seating

Introducing outdoor seating to your restaurant will expand the number of seats available, which will help grow your revenue. 

The turnover rate outdoors can also be faster because guests can perceive the atmosphere as busy and higher energy, and may not linger. They may also be on the go and just want to pop in, grab a bite to eat or a cocktail before heading onto their next destination. 

This gives the restaurant more opportunities to sit more people over the course of business hours, which means bringing in more money. 

4. Enhances the Curb Appeal

A nice open air dining area with comfortable seating and outside canopy makes a nice charming space that will enhance the look of your restaurant.

During the day passers-by will see an inviting atmosphere of people dining, chatting, and having a good time. At night a more intimate display of warm lighting and candles on the tables can create an inviting environment. Add a fire feature and your guests will be sure to want to come and sit around, sip some coffee and have some delicious dessert. 

5. It’s Instant Advertising

People walking or driving by a restaurant with outside seating will get to see and smell the food being served, they also get to get a taste of the ambiance of your restaurant. This is free advertising that will draw new customers through your door. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to put your restaurants’ logo on an outside canopy for additional visual advertising. 

Start Transforming your Restaurant Today

Now that we have discussed five benefits to create restaurant outdoor seating, what are you waiting for? 

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