People don’t like to waste their time looking for things. They need to see it right away or they will just stop looking.

When you are in business, subtly doesn’t work. You need to give them a sign–literally.

You put a lot of planning and thought into your new business. You want everything to be perfect, right down to the signs. Whether it’s the main store signage to let people know who you are or a special sale, you need clear signs.

Using proper signs will make a huge difference in your business revenue. Let the people know.

Let’s take a look at some great ways you can make store signage work for you.

Make Your Store Signage Work

There is no reason why your store signs need to be boring. Get creative, have fun and make them grab all the attention they deserve.

Here are five ways to make it happen.

1. Be Clear

Get right to the point. The sign for your store should be the name. If you are advertising a sale or new products, say it with little else. Don’t try to jam in as much as you can, or else people will stop reading it.

People don’t read anything longer than what fits on their phone screen. Keep it short and sweet. 50% off all merchandise. 2 for 1. Just a few words will be more effective than a long list of items.

Don’t crowd it all in–space it out so people can see it from a distance. If you are trying to get the attention of people driving by, they need to be able to read it in a few seconds.

2. Lights

Lights in the background, neon string lights surrounding the sign, flashing lights, colored lights–they all work to draw attention and look great customizable neon sign grabs more attention than usual. You can have your store’s name printed out in lights, use flashing lights for arrows to coax people in the door, or show off new items.

These work indoors and out. Soft subtle lighting works well in darker corners of the store to bring people over and highlight certain products. You can find stringed lights with specific designs, like carrots for your organic vegetable store.

Use simple lights to frame your front windows to entice people to window-shop even when the store is closed. Highlight sale signs, hours of operation, or even your website.

3. Go Bold

Big bold lettering, bright colors, and large 3-D signs make your brand pop. Get your logo and your name on a big bold three-dimensional sign that people will see from blocks away.

You can use these for your main store signage or promotional signs inside the store. Use all types of materials and colors. Letting people see your sign is letting people see you.

You can get several matching sized signs made, for indoors and out, to keep your brand and logo in the forefront. Check out this company for more information or to get a quote.

4. Theme

It only makes sense to stick to a theme for your store. You can get all your colors or designs made to follow suit for your product or service. Get your logo in places that will stand out and be remembered.

You can get very creative with your signage matching up with your products. Having signs shaped like your service or your product make it more memorable and gets people talking.

You can easily get themed signs to sell anything. Are you a personal shopper or a dog walker? Do you sell a service like writing, landscaping, or babysitting?

Whatever your business, you can use a direct image or something a bit more subtle to get customers to notice and remember you. The more creative you get, the better the possibility you will be remembered.

5. Have Fun

Don’t be afraid of using humor. It’s particularly effective with a company that is not known for humor. You can find something cute or funny without being offensive or too far off target.

Over-sized animals, fun colors, and cute images can be effective and stick in people’s mind longer. The whole point of signage is to draw customers in, so make it fun for them.

Even a serious business can have fun signage. For outdoor signs, making it fun or humorous will not only get people talking, but people love to take pictures of fun things and share them with their friends on social media. It’s a great way to spread the word.

Make It Easy

The bottom line is your customer. Make it easy for them to understand you and your business. Make it very clear what you can do for them. It’s all about their experience and what is in it for them.

They need to see your sign and want to come into your store. Try it yourself, from their perspective.

Is your sign inviting and clear? Did you find what was advertised? Was it a pleasant experience or was it confusing?

Don’t list every dish available at your restaurant–just mention the daily specials. Be honest and clear in the message, but don’t mention things that aren’t relevant. You only need to talk about what will bring them into the store.

Here’s Your Sign

There is no reason your signs need to be boring. You can use your logo and bold bright colors and get as creative as you like. You want to be remembered, so make the effort.

Use images of your store signage on your website and all your social media platforms to really drive it home. You can use the same type of sign for a different message, all while keeping a consistent theme.

Whether it’s a sign for daily messages or permanent signage for your store’s name and service, there are endless possibilities. Every business deserves to be heard–especially when you have strong competition.

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