The Harvard Study of Adult Development is an 80-year study on adult life. In that study, researchers learned that some of the secrets to happiness are to have strong relationships with spouse, friends, and family. Researchers also found that participants viewed strong relationships as more important than wealth or fame.

If you’re looking for tips on how to better your relationship, then this article is for you! Try the following ideas out and you’ll discover what the Harvard study participants found out, too.

Five Tips on How to Better Your Relationship

Here are five ways to improve your relationship today:

Learn How to Compromise

You can sidestep arguments when you look for ways to compromise. You won’t have everything your way all the time and neither will your partner. Realize that your partner will have different opinions than you. If your partner wants something to happen their way, there’s nothing wrong with letting them have it once in a while.

Say Thanks Frequently

Don’t forget to show gratitude to your partner for the big and small things they do for you every day. A study from the University of Georgia determined that married couples who regularly said “thank you” to each other had positive marital outcomes. This study also showed that spouses who showed appreciation for each other were better at surviving other relationship problems like poor health or joblessness

Trust Others and Keep Your Own Word

Other ways to improve your relationship include being trustworthy and trusting your partner. Relationships are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to give and earn trust.

Keep the commitments you make to your partner. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Give them a reason to believe in you.

You should also be willing to trust your partner as well. Each of us has our own gifts and shortcomings. When you find your partner’s strengths, trust that they will deliver on these strengths to support you.

Listen Carefully

When your partner wants to talk, that’s the time to give them your full attention. This is your chance to practice another of the many ways to improve relationships called active listening.

Active listening means concentrating on what your spouse is saying and remembering it. It also means using non-verbal cues like eye contact or head nodding. When your partner finishes speaking, restate their words to show you understand what they’re saying.

Schedule Monthly Date Nights

Date nights are another answer on how to improve your relationship. These planned events may be challenging when it comes to removing distractions like kids and career demands. Date nights will help you and your spouse focus on your “togetherness.” They provide time for intimate conversations and emotional support.

Still Need Help? Talk to the Professionals

If you’ve tried these five ideas on how to better your relationship, and you both are still unhappy, it may be time to find help. Try calling the professionals at Our Our helps couples repair broken relationships and regain intimacy.

Our sponsors a unique resource called the Couples Program. This program provides online tools that help couples understand and fix what’s ruining their relationship. Couples will improve important communication skills and learn to reconnect with each other.

Looking For Fun Couples Activities And Other Relationship Advice?

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