Did you know that workers who get 5 hours or less sleep per night log 1.5 times more sick days than other workers? Getting enough shut-eye is crucial to a comfortable and productive lifestyle.

To get the perfect night’s sleep, you need the perfect environment. Quiet, warm, and comfortable surroundings are vital. Having a comfortable bed and the perfect mattress can contribute to this. How can you find the perfect mattress?

Why not follow our in-depth guide below to find out

1. When Should You Buy a New Mattress?

There may be an obvious reason why you need to replace your mattress. Large bulges or recesses from years of use will eventually require you to purchase a new mattress. If the shape or pattern of wearing is stopping you from sleeping or causing you pain, you should think of a new mattress immediately.

2. How Much Should You Spend?

It may seem logical to go with the cheapest option you can find. However, consider that you will, as a goal, be aiming to spend about 56 hours a week on this mattress. It may be worth raising your budget if you can.

3. What Kind of Mattress Should You Buy?

Memory foam is generally the market favorite. It offers good contours, “learns” the shape of your body and retains heat well. Memory foam is also one of the most durable mattress materials.

Other technologies such as foam, innerspring, or hybrids are available. However, Memory foam is a good all-rounder that suits most people.

Hushhome’s mattress HK 2020 buying guide compares the best mattress materials to help you decide what’s best for your needs.

4. How Do You Sleep?

Your sleep position and preferences will determine the level of firmness you want from your mattress. If you sleep on your back, you will likely want a medium-firm mattress.

However, if you sleep on your stomach and need space for your lungs to expand, you could benefit from a soft mattress. Hard mattresses are sometimes recommended for those with back pain.

5. Body Dimensions

Body size and weight also impact your choice of mattress. If your weight is under-average, you may want to choose a softer mattress that will allow you to comfortably “sink-in” to the mattress. If your weight is heavier than average, you will need a mattress that will provide greater support. Sinking into the mattress too much is not comfortable and can result in greater wear on the mattress.

The Perfect Mattress and Much More

Getting a good night’s sleep is about much more than simply a more comfortable life. It is about getting the needed rest so that your days can be as productive as possible. Ensuring that you have the perfect mattress can help you do this.

If you are interested in other health hacks that will support your productive life, then we are here to help. We gather information regarding the latest developments and bring them to you via our feed. Take a look to see how we can help you today.

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