Around 9% of U.S. adults vape on a regular or occasional basis. Learning how to make big vape clouds will improve your overall vaping experience.

Out of all age segments, young adults are the most likely to vape. About 2 out of 10 young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 are vaping, which is more than other generations. However, you’re never too old to start vape clouds.

Vaping is fun, but monster vape clouds make it even better. Nothing beats impressing your friends with a giant cloud of vapor.

Here are five tips that’ll help you make big vapor clouds:

1. Deep Inhale

Deep Inhale

Vaping for beginners is simple: First, take a deep breath, then exhale. Now, continue doing that as you learn about the various vaping techniques out there.

Practice deeply inhaling vapor, holding it in, then exhaling it. Generally, the longer it takes you to inhale, the bigger the cloud will be.

Practicing your breathing will help you develop a technique that works for you.

2. High-Quality Vape Juice

In vape juice, there’s VG (vegetable glycerine) and PG (propylene glycol). PG makes up the throat hit and flavor while VG generates vapor. Choose a vape juice that’s high in VG and low in PG to vape bigger smoke clouds.

Premium e-liquids and accessories work best for vaping clouds. You’re more likely to find these vape juice supplies online than anywhere else. Check out the best online vape selection via the aforementioned link.

3. Increase Your Power Settings

If you’re vaping at 30 W, the clouds won’t be as big as they would if you vaped on 60 W. Increasing your power also tends to increase vape smoke and cloud size.

Increasing the power also increases the amount of heat your coil generates. Just make sure you counterbalance that extra heat with additional airflow. Increasing the size of your vape’s airholes will help.

4. Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-Ohm Vaping

Sub-ohm vaping, also known as sub-ohming, is vaping with an atomizer coil that has a resistance of less than one ohm. There are sub-ohm vape kits to get you started, but you could also mod a device on your own.

The biggest clouds come from a sub-ohm tank with a low resistance coil. The lower the coil resistance is, the easier it is to produce more heat for big clouds.

Make sure you get a super strong battery that is capable of withstanding the low resistance. The best batteries for sub-ohm vaping have a high continuous discharge limit.

5. Practice Vape Tricks

Learning different vaping tricks will also help you get better at vaping clouds. Start with the easier ones, then work your way up.

Try learning the french inhale or the ghost hit first. It’ll teach you how to have control over the vapor you inhale.

Produce Vape Clouds Bigger Than Your Wildest Dreams

Experts think the worldwide number of adults who vape will increase to 55 million by 2021. You’ll be making vape clouds with the best and brightest if you keep practicing.

Globally speaking, the amount of adults who vape is on the rise. As more people vape, more people will be trying to vape clouds to entertain themselves and others.

Treat yourself to some funโ€”check out our entertainment articles. They’ll keep you entertained all day.

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