Why should women have all the fun with accessories? If the man in your life is looking to up his game, then you should check out rings for men.

A unique ring adds personality and interest to any outfit. They can be subtle fashion statements, or they can call attention to your bold presence.

Whether your man is at an office party or cruising down the highway, a cool ring can make him stand out in a good way.

But how do you choose the perfect ring for the man in your life? Check out our five tips for finding the best rings for men.

1. What’s His Style?

It’s no use buying rings for men if they’re never going to wear them. That’s why it’s important to show him the same thought and consideration you’d want him to give you.

When you’re picking out a ring for him, think about his personal style. If he wears jewelry, what kind does he like? Does he like flashy necklaces or big earring studs? Then he might appreciate a big, eye-catching ring. You could pick one with his favorite animal, or his favorite fictional character.

If he’s not a jewelry fan, then take a look at his other accessories. Does he wear a classic watch with a leather band? Or does he like more techy options? What about his sunglasses? Are they trendy or practical?

If he wears suits to work, then you can get clues from his tie clips or cufflinks. The way he chooses to accessorize at work says a lot about him. You could get him a ring that matches the gems on his cufflinks, or brushed gold like his tie clip.

If your man doesn’t wear any jewelry or accessories, then play it safe. Choose something simple so he can ease into the world of men’s rings.

2. What are His Interests?

Your man might not wear jewelry, but if you can find unique rings that match his interest, he’ll make an exception.

If you’re with a tech lover, then get him a ring as geeky as he is. There are rings with heat sensitive lights. There are even ones that keep time and dates.

If he loves a certain video game or movie franchise, then see if there are any rings for it. For example, he might love a ring from Lord of the Rings or Black Panther.

If he loves craft beer or whiskey, then you can get him a ring made from a whiskey barrel. If he’s outdoorsy, then a wooden ring could speak to his heart.

Yes, some wooden rings will wear over time. But if you get a metal ring inlaid with wood, it’ll be a unique ring that lasts. Discover more about these kinds of rings.

3. Do You Want Something Meaningful?

If you’re looking for rings for men as an anniversary present, you have tons of options.

Fingerprint rings are cool rings with your or your loved one’s fingerprint etched on it. It’s a unique ring for you and him because no one else has your thumbprint. Plus the design can be subtle, which could work for the office or at meetings.

Look into rings engraved with the coordinates of a special place. You can use the location of your first date, where he proposed, or any other meaningful event.

Let’s say you’re both musical. Then engrave the notes of his favorite song on his ring. If he still has a broken string from his first guitar, make a ring out of it.

To make it even more special, buy him a ring with his initials on them. You can also give him a ring that represents his family history. Find a unique men’s ring with a Celtic design from his heritage. If he has a family crest, use that as a design.

There are so many ways to find a ring that is meaningful to him or to both of you.

4. Think About His Lifestyle

If you buy your man a ring that doesn’t match his lifestyle, he’s not going to wear it very often.

Think about when he’s going to use it. Will he wear it every day? Then you need to consider how he uses his hands at his job.

If he works in an office, think about getting him a cool ring that isn’t too flashy. If he goes to a lot of casual evening meetings, then something more unique could add flair to his wardrobe.

Titanium rings are popular right now because they’re strong metal. But if your man works with his hands in construction or law enforcement, it could be dangerous. If he smashes his finger and they need to cut the ring off, titanium is too strong. That’s one of the reasons rubber rings are popular with men in law enforcement or heavy labor.

5. Sizing is Different with Rings for Men

You might know how to pick out your ring size, but sizing for men is different. They often need ring sizes that are bigger than what you usually look for.

When you pick out rings for men, talk to a jeweler about what size you should get. You can also compare your ring size with his, although this might not help much.

When in doubt, get something bigger than you can size down. If you’re getting a ring that you can’t size down, then ask about the exchange or return policy.

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