Is it time for you or a loved one to “cut the apron strings,” and leave the nest for college?

With nearly 66% of high school graduates heading off to a college campus the fall after high school, you can be sure there are plenty of plastic plates and mini-fridges being packed.

But what items do you really need for your college packing list?

We’ve covered the basics with this simple list of 5 items to be sure and include before you head off and hit the books.

1. A Clothing Steamer or Mini Iron

Whether you’re applying for a job on campus or simply trying to impress the cutie in your freshman orientation group, wrinkled clothes are no asset.

Pack a mini iron, or perhaps more convenient, a hand-held steamer.

You can easily store small items such as these in a tiny dorm, under your bed, in your closet, or even in a drawer.

Not only will a steamer or small iron help you look your best, but packing one may prevent an awkward standoff with roommates who don’t love the idea of a giant ironing board taking up space.

2. A Simple Cookbook

As much as they may hate to admit it, even college kids get homesick.

This is why sending them off with a cookbook full of easy recipes that remind them from home will be a huge help.

While most dorm rooms won’t have a kitchen inside, there is usually a shared kitchen somewhere. At the very least, include some simple snack ideas for your college-goer to whip up when they’re in a rush.

3. Insurance and Personal Documents

Especially if your college student is traveling far for their education, you may consider packing important personal documents for them.

Things like their car or medical insurance information, birth certificates, or bank account information may all come in handy while they are away from home.

It’s also wise to be sure that if they are traveling far for school, you hire a reliable moving company. Consider professionals like eastern suburbs removals to make sure your student doesn’t arrive on campus, but their stuff doesn’t.

4. Car Jumper Cables

As a parent of a college student, you do not want to get a phone call from across the country saying “my car is dead and I’m stranded.” 

Prep yourself, or your college student with a pair of jumper cables before they head off. Better make sure they know how to use them too!

If you’re really feeling like stepping up your preparation game, consider packing an Instant Jump Starter so your student doesn’t have to wait for someone else to help them out.

5. An Umbrella

Even college campuses like UNLV get rain on occasion. You can bet the time will come when your student finds themselves in need of protection from rain or snow.

This small item is easy to overlook and forget when packing for school, so think ahead and stay dry!

College Packing is Just the Start

Now that you’ve got a little help with your college packing list, make sure you or your college student is fully prepped for classes.

Writing in college is quite different from high school. Many students are surprised by the level of expertise required in paper-writing.

If you or your college student is in need of a little help writing their next term paper, check out our blog post on finding quality help writing essays.

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