Did you know that the number of pilots in the US is declining, with a staggering shortage on the horizon?

That’s right – there’s never been a better time to start training to be a pilot.

If you’ve always dreamed of flying planes, taking the first step and signing up for flight lessons can feel huge.

It’s natural to be nervous, especially if you’re not sure what to expect.

Keep reading for five things everyone should know before signing up for flight lessons.

1. Your Instructor Will Be Fully Qualified

Worried that something could go wrong while you’re in the air?

Your instructor will be fully qualified to deal with any issues, so there’s no need for undue concern.

Whether you make a mistake while manning the aircraft, a sudden change in conditions causes problems, or you’re hit with a mechanical fault, your instructor will know what to do.

You’ll be able to focus on learning instead of worrying about potential problems.

2. Your Instructor Will Take Off and Land

Having visions of a disastrous failed take off, or a traumatic crash landing?

Stop right there.

For your first few lessons, your instructor will deal with taking off and landing, keeping both of you safe and taking some of the pressure off.

The goal of flying lessons is to help you succeed, not test you or put you at risk of harm.

Your abilities determine the lesson plan, so you won’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

3. You’ll Have Control of the Plane While in the Air

Maybe you’re worried that your lessons will be all theory and no practice?

That’s not true.

Even during your very first lesson, you’ll have hands-on control of the plane while it’s in the air.

Your instructor will talk you through what you need to do, and debrief you on what you’ve learned after the flight.

If you’re keen to get started right away, flight lessons won’t disappoint you.

4. You Can Bring Spectators

Want to bring a supportive friend or family member?

Most flight schools allow spectators to travel in the plane with you, provided they won’t cause a distraction.

Once you’ve completed your first few lessons, you should feel confident enough to take off alone with your instructor.

5. You Won’t Learn Everything

Learning to fly is a process, and it’s important to realize that you won’t learn everything in the first few weeks.

Your first few lessons focus on building your confidence, knowledge, and basic skills. You’ll complete things like instrument flight rules training later down the line, once you’ve got a strong foundation to build upon.

Should You Start Flight Lessons?

If you’re keen to start a career as a pilot, you’ve got nothing to lose by signing up for flight lessons.

Be prepared for the fact that this is a long process, and try to enjoy each lesson as it comes. Before you know it, you’ll be fully qualified.

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