Low testosterone can lead to serious health issues in men of all ages if not correctly addressed. These can include failing to develop physically, problems with emotional mood swings, and even infertility. To learn more about the signs of low testosterone, check out this simple guide!

Signs of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone that regulates many vital functions in teenage and adult men. There are several signs to watch out for so you can seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

1. Sudden and Unexplained Hair Loss

While your genes can play a factor in how fast you go bald, low testosterone can also be a factor. Low testosterone can have an impact on several bodily functions, including hair loss. If you find yourself suddenly losing your facial hair or body hair as well as balding, you should seek medical attention at once.

2. Lower Sex Drive and Issues with Semen Production

While most men’s sex drives will decline as they age, a sudden inability to perform or lack of interest in sex can indicate low testosterone. Testosterone helps stimulate your brain to create the chemical reaction, which allows erections to happen.

If you have low testosterone levels, you may have problems getting or staying erect during sexual activity. While low testosterone is not the only reason these issues can occur, it is a possibility.

Another sign of low testosterone is a notable reduction in the amount of semen produced when ejaculating. This can indicate difficulties with producing semen, which is also directly tied to testosterone issues.

3. Losing Strength, Reduced Muscle Mass and Osteoporosis

One easy way to tell if you or a loved one is dealing with low testosterone is a notable decline in physical strength. Because testosterone is needed to build and maintain men’s muscle mass, having your strength drop or seeing your muscles reduce in size can indicate an issue. You can learn more here about what to look out for.

A more subtle issue that you may not even be aware of is osteoporosis, which is the thinning of bones and the loss of bone mass. While this issue is more common amongst women, a lack of testosterone can lead to this occurring in men. Given that testosterone help men grow and strengthen their bones, low levels can lead to more fractures and less mass overall.

4. Fatigue and Sudden Weight Gain

Another sign of low testosterone can be a notable lack of energy or getting tired more easily than before. If you are exhausted despite getting lots of sleep or struggle when making an effort to get in shape, low testosterone levels could be to blame. Men with this issue also report sudden weight gain, including the growth of breast tissues.

5. Memory Issues and Mood Swings

While everyone experiences memory issues with ages, if you or a loved one experiences sudden mood swings or a rapid decline in memory, low testosterone levels could be to blame. Research has shown that testosterone therapy can improve memory functions and fight difficulties in focusing and attention.

Testosterone Issues Can Be Serious, so Know What to Look For

Signs of low testosterone can be both subtle and obvious, so make sure you know the signs. A minor issue today could have serious health consequences for your health, so seek medical attention at once. Keep browsing our website for more articles like this!

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