Is your remote control seeing more action than you are these days? You’re not alone. More than one-third of Americans in relationships report being unsatisfied with their sex lives, with women twice as likely as men to say their sex life was boring.

There are many reasons why couples may struggle to heat things up in the bedroom, including stress, working long hours, and taking care of children. It’s never too late, however, to bring back that loving feeling as the old song says. You just need a little planning and creativity.

Here are five tips for a better sex life that you can try starting today!

1. Build Anticipation With Sexting And Sexy Messages

Great sex starts with stimulating the mind, and nothing will get your partner worked up and ready more than sending them some graphic sexy messages. A few suggestive texts, emails, or voicemails throughout the day is going to build up their anticipation and give them a preview of what they can expect when they get home.

Don’t know where to start? Try telling them “I can’t wait to have you inside me tonight” or “I’m not wearing any panties right now thanks to you” will drive them crazy with desire.

2. Try a New Sex Position

Sometimes switching your sex position up can introduce you to new pleasurable sensations and better orgasms. The kama sutra provides us with over 100 sex positions alone, so you’re bound to find something that you and your partner can get into. Even if you’re into the missionary position, putting your legs into a different position can allow your partner to better stimulate your clitoris.

3. Act Out a Fantasy

Or, if your partner is up for it, try playing out a fantasy. Maybe you’ve always wanted to have sex in the backyard (as long as you’re sure none of the neighbors can see or hear you.

Role-playing is a lot of fun, too. He could be your favorite rock star while you play the lucky groupie who gets to spend the night with him. Or one of you can be a doctor while the other is a willing patient β€” you get the picture!

4. Try a Sex Toy or Accessory

From vibrating cock rings to adjustable nipple clamps, there are all kinds of sex toys out there that even the most timid of couples may enjoy experimenting with. Or try light bondage such as having your wrists tied to the bed with silk scarves while your partner slowly teases and pleasures every part of your body.

5. Try a Supplement or Lube

Sometimes women need a little help getting aroused and lubricated, especially as hormone levels shift while we age. Lubricant isn’t just beneficial for menopausal women β€” flavored lube can be fun for women of any age to use for oral sex and to increase pleasure and sensation.

You may also want to try supplements that contain a proprietary blend of libido-boosting herbs such as the Kitty Kat Pill that can help get you in the mood naturally.

Try These Tips For a Better Sex Life

In addition to trying these tips for a better sex life, it may be necessary to schedule time to get busy. Make a pact to set aside the mobile devices and tuck the kids into bed on time a few nights a week to enjoy the closeness and intimacy that sex offers. Don’t be afraid about exploring new things with your partner.

For more tips on keeping your sex life volcanic, check out our latest dating and relationship posts!

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