When it comes time to move, the process of relocating all of your possessions may seem a little daunting. The key is knowing when you’re in over your head and asking for help.

However, you may feel somewhat resilient to the idea. Doing it yourself boasts a certain sense of independence and physical prowess. While we can totally get behind self-assurance, there may be a few reasons to reconsider and enlist some moving labor help.

Here are the top five.

1. You Have Acquired a Lot of Stuff

One of the top reasons you may want moving labor help is because you’ve amassed a lot of possessions while you’ve lived at your current home. If the sheer volume of stuff you need to move gives you anxiety, you’re probably better off not doing it alone.

However, this may also be a good time to purge some of the items that are less important to you. For example, studies show that people only use half of their wardrobes. Moreover, we’re guessing you have things in storage that hold no sentimental or utilitarian value to you anymore.

2. You Have Several Big, Awkward, and/or Heavy Items

Another reason to consider hiring moving labor help is if you have items that will be difficult, if not impossible to move on your own. For example, ornate bed frames, entertainment centers, dining room tables, shelves, and dressers can all be too big, heavy, or awkward for one person to handle.

However, to optimize your moving process, it may be beneficial to deconstruct items when possible to save on back-breaking labor and space in the moving vehicle. Otherwise, look for strong capable moving helpers, like this local moving company.

3. The Items in Your Home Are Expensive or Unreplaceable

We all have possessions we deem invaluable. These may be precious heirlooms, meaningful gifts, or even just really expensive items. Regardless, moving these things yourself may risk their well-being.

For example, an heirloom full-length mirror handed down for generations would be a tragedy to lose. As would an expensive 65-inch TV.

4. Time Is a Factor

If you’re on a timeline, you may also want to enlist some moving labor help. If you’re a busy person with a job, kids, extra-curricular activities, or whatever, you probably don’t have time to single-handedly move your home. Instead, hire some help and get the whole thing done in a day or weekend.

5. You Are Physically Held Back

Finally, while no one ever wants to admit they’re physically incapable of accomplishing a task, you should never risk your health or well-being to avoid asking for help. Whether you’ve gotten to an age where moving heavy objects isn’t the best idea, have a back injury, or just aren’t physically fit enough for the job, it’s a good time to ask for moving labor help.

Need Moving Labor Help?

If for any of the reasons listed above (or any unlisted reasons) you need moving labor help, we urge you not to hesitate to ask. While you’ll always be in the most capable hands when hiring a moving company, there are other options if you don’t have the money. Ask your friends, co-workers, or members of your church.

Just remember not to try to do it yourself, which could lead to injuries, damaged possessions, missed timelines and more. And if you’re looking for more great advice, be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go!

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