The internet is growing rapidly. There are 1.683 billion websites on the internet. Each day, 2.3 million+ blog posts, 2.5 billion Google searches, and 2.6 billion videos are watched on YouTube.

To ensure online users are able to host websites and publish content, you need a custom server. As a business, having custom servers allows you to stand on your own. Not only that. The business will streamline its processes, and attract more visitors.

Still on the fence about customer servers? Read on about the 5 reasons you need a customer server.

1. Ability to Scale

As your business grows, you have to meet its demands. Not only do you have to invest in AI infused CRMs or ERPs but also custom payroll applications. By doing this, you get to serve your customers better. Also, you improve productivity in the workplace.

With custom servers, you can scale your operations depending on your needs. How? With horizontal scaling. Horizontal scaling allows you to scale wider to deal with increasing traffic. Also, it allows you to connect many software entities and hardware to work as a logical unit.

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2. Increased Performance

A custom server provides a dedicated platform for your business. As such, you can run business applications faster than a cloud server. For instance, if you have an online store, you can host the website and mobile app on your servers.

Since you have an in-house team of experts, they will ensure your servers provide an uptime of 99.99%. That means, your customers will not experience any interruption.

3. Ability to Control Your Data

Outsourcing to third-party cloud providers allows you to take advantage of powerful tools. Not only that. Your business benefits from cloud computing that offers value. Problem is, when you upload your data on third-party servers, they have the right to use your data.

As such, you have no control over your business data. But with your custom servers, you have control of your business data. No one will access your business data apart from you and authorized employees. With your own servers, you can also enjoy on the go file storage without worrying about security.

4. Value for Money

Custom servers are the most effective options for any business in the long term. Buying the servers and other related hardware is expensive initially. But when you factor in the ability to control your data and security, the price is reasonable.

Custom servers can also act as your backup for your business data. In case a few disks get damaged, you are assured your data is safe.

5. Custom Programming

With third-party providers, you are stuck with a specific operating system. For instance Windows or Linux. Not only that. Hardware specifications are similar and if you need more, you will have to pay more. This is expensive for a small business.

Custom servers allow you to meet custom programming requirements. They include shell scripts, cron jobs, and others. Also, you can run a custom operating system.

Making Your Own Custom Server

As a business, a custom server can change the way you do business for the better. Not only will you get to offer your customers the best performance but you can scale easily. Also, you have control over your data.

Looking for tips on how to create your own server? Check out our blog.

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