Uganda is a beautiful country! Recently visited by Kanye West, this relatively small country is less known but a treasure that you should add to your bucket list!

Its nickname the “Pearl of Africa” was given this lovely country by Sir Winston Churchill, a British Premier on his hunting safari within Africa in 1907. By that time, he was a very young member of the British parliament and he was surprised by the country’s beauty on his first time visit to Uganda which was a British Colony. Since then many travelers have visited the country and some have remained there as residents. Would you like to experience a true African safari? Look no further! There is no single country where you will meet the mountain gorillas in the wild, see the big five and look into the dark eyes of the chimpanzees within just a week! This can be attained on an Uganda Safari, one of the most memorable African journeys packed with amazing adventures! During your safari, you will be moved by the Uganda people and be astonished by the country’s beauty. Here are 5 reasons why Uganda should not miss on your bucket list;

Hospitable People

Uganda has the most hospitable people on the African continent. Though the country is made up of 52 different tribes, Uganda is a warm country and there is no region where you will not be welcomed! Ugandans are welcoming people and are eager to help you travel easier.  In addition to that Uganda is one of the best English-speaking countries on the African continent. Over 70% of Ugandans understand and speak English. This means that you will easily get any touristic information that you may need to know.

Unique Country

Uganda great scenery

There are many things that make Uganda be the pearl of Africa. There are a lot of natural, historical, cultural, and even man-made attractions that are worth checking upon!

The abundance of lots of exotic attractions makes the trip unforgettable and memorable within the minds of many travelers that find their way to this country.

Lots of Natural Resources

Uganda is endowed with lots of natural resources and diverse wildlife that you will not easily find elsewhere in the world! This is largely due to its unique geographical location. Uganda lies just above the equator! It lies at a position where the forested jungles of western Africa meet with the savannah grassland of Southern Africa. It also lies in Africa’s Great Lakes region and thus has several water bodies including the world’s second-largest lake; Lake Victoria. The country experiences a tropical climate receiving rainfall throughout! This has made it a fertile land that supports its economy through agriculture.

lake victoria uganda

The Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda hosts one of Africa’s highest peaks. The snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains in the Western part of the country are a must-visit if you would like to challenge Africa’s highest peaks. Though Kilimanjaro beats the Rwenzori in terms of height, expert climbers have found the Rwenzori Mountains more challenging and worthy of adventuring. If you would like to reach the “roofs of Africa”, the “mountains of the moon” should not miss on your Africa itinerary!

Incredible Wildlife in National Parks

The country has over 60 protected areas. There are 10 designated national parks, 11 wildlife reserves, several forests, as well as wetlands and swamps that are protected as wilderness areas. These national parks at least each has a unique character in terms of the species that it inhabits. In these parks, there is a total of over 330 mammal species, including the Big 5 mammals, such as Elephants, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Leopards, and lions.

mountain gorillas bwindi

Uganda is a must-visit for primates lovers. The country has a total of 16 primates species that live in well-protected wilderness areas. The country hosts more than half of the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas within two national parks; Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. There is no country that offers a better gorilla-watching experience than Uganda. Other primates not to miss in Uganda include the endangered chimpanzees, rare golden monkeys, baboons, galagos, pottos, and lots of monkey species.

Other iconic animals that can be seen on a safari in Uganda include the Hippopotamus, giraffes, zebras, a variety of antelopes, etc.

Africa’s Best Birding Spot

Uganda is a prime birding hotspot in Africa. With up to 1080 bird species, Uganda accounts for over 50% of the total population of bird species in Africa, with lots of iconic species not found anywhere in East Africa. These include the popular shoebill stork that can easily be seen in several locations within Uganda.

Uganda’s best birding spots include Mabamba wetland famous for the shoebill stork, Murchison Fall national park, Mpanga forest, Mabira, and Budongo forest reserves, Kaniyo Padibi, Kidepo Valley national park, and Semuliki national park which is a haven for the migratory species from central Africa, and much more.

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