Apart from cut-off jeans and cowboy boots, the ever-attractive sundress has to be the number one article of clothing sung about in country music.

Why is this? 

There’s just something special about the always feminine, always beautiful, sundress that makes it seem as though it’s always sundress season.

If taking a stroll down the beach or listening to your local country station hasn’t convinced you yet, here are five undeniable reasons this summer is definitely sundress season.

Five Reasons This Summer is Sundress Season

Trends are constantly in flux, but some clothing items are timeless. The versatility and variety of sundresses make it an ever-stylish choice for summer fashion.

Finding the right one, (or two), is sure to make your summer more comfortable and attractive. Here’s why:

1. Cute and Comfortable

When summer temperatures are on the rise, you don’t have to sacrifice cuteness for comfort. Pair them together in one perfect outfit โ€“ heck, in one perfect article of clothing!

The typically breezy and lightweight material sundresses are made from makes them the perfect solution to the summer heat. Such materials also add a feminine flair sure to draw the eye.

Generally speaking, dresses are also less restrictive than jeans or blouses. Your freedom to move, play, dance, or do whatever your summer heart desires, is far greater in a flowy sundress than a tight pair of pants.

Another perk of a comfortable sundress this summer?

You’re sure to feel an added measure of confidence when you put one on. It’s hard not to feel your best when you’re wearing a dress perfect to flatter your shape and comfortable enough to be a long-standing summer classic.

2. A Flattering Silhouette

We know, it can be seriously hard to find the right dress to fit your unique shape. Fortunately, sundresses come in a wide range of shapes, lengths, and silhouettes.

One thing is certain, you can find a sundress that will flatter any figure.

Sundresses are usually made (as mentioned), with comfort in mind. This means you typically see them with cinched waists or as long, flowing maxi-skirts.

These designs help give a defined waist to women or, in the case of the maxi-dress, they create long lines to make you look slimmer and taller.

Of course, there is the always popular mini sundress.

For women with a nice pair of stems, summertime is the perfect time to show them off. Not only is it cooler and more convenient but shorter sundresses let you flaunt one of your best features.

3. They’re Versatile 

Going out for a night on the town? Hitting up the beach for some sun and sand? First date? Whatever the event, there is a sundress perfectly suited to the occasion.

Adam White of Jasper Holland Co (https://jasperhollandco.com/) explains that a clean, classy t-shirt can be dressed up for a date night with the right accessories. In a similar fashion (see what we did there…?) woman can do the same with an adaptable sundress that can be changed to fit any situation. 

With a little tweaking, you can turn your sundress from swimsuit coverup to a casual business meeting dress.

Simply dress it up with a nice cardigan and classy necklace. Or, dress back down by pairing it with flip flops. The options are endless.

Whichever way you choose to wear your sundress, having one or two good ones for your summer wardrobe is a definite must-have when it comes to versatile summer styles.

4. They’re Effortless

Don’t feel like shaving your legs this morning? Throw on a maxi sundress. 

Feeling like indulging in a second helping of pie at lunch? No need to worry, that peplum shaped sundress will hide your food-baby well.

Tired of trying to put together the perfect skirt and blouse combo for your roommate’s wedding reception? Sundress.

The answer to just about any clothing dilemma is going to be the same: Wear a sundress.

Something about summer makes it a time of ease and relaxation. How better to fit that ideal than by dressing the part in a flowy sundress? Funny as it may seem, it’s also nice when you’re getting ready in the morning to not have to put a ton of time and effort into creating an outfit.

If you’re one who tends to lose track of time and find yourself running out the door every morning, sundresses are an effortless way to shave some time off your morning routine.

They give you a simple, one-stop option for your outfit so you can hit the ground running.

5. Men Love Them

Before you get all up in arms about this not being a legitimate reason to choose an outfit, let’s be honest, do you, or do you not want to look good for your honey?

…Mhmm, we thought so.

That being said, a sundress is a perfectly feminine and appealing way to clearly state, “I am chill, stunning, and ready for a day of summer fun.” It’s hard not to draw attention when you’re out and about in a bright, beautiful dress.

The feminine nature of flowy material, (with just enough skin visible to still look classy), makes a sundress undeniably appealing.

Guys so often like a contrast to their own masculinity and a sundress is a definite way to achieve this. It can give the allusion of innocence, or sensuality, all depending on the style of dress.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to impress the men or not, a sundress is still a fun girly way to enjoy feeling attractive in your own skin. 

More Summer Fashion Tips

Now that you’re ready for sundress season, what about the rest of the family? We all know the importance of having a wardrobe suited for the weather and current trends.

Especially when you have kids who are outside each day, getting dirty, taring jeans, and swimming for hours. 

Check out our post on kid summer clothing essentials and make sure your kids have the right clothing items they need to enjoy their summer. After all, what good is summer vacation if you’re spending it worrying about what to wear?

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