Whether you are a medical marijuana patient or a dispensary owner looking to make infused edibles, Decarboxylating your cannabis is an essential process. Without this process, any edible that you make will be far less effective, causing you to waste time and money. To learn about the benefits of Decarboxylating, check out this simple guide!

What Is Decarboxylating?

If you happen to be a novice medical marijuana patient or businessperson, the term Decarboxylating will probably not be familiar to you. The process of Decarboxylating transforms the compounds in marijuana into an easily digestible form that is ideal for use in any edibles being created.

Marijuana edibles are an increasingly popular way for patients to ingest their medicine without the harmful effects of smoking it directly. However, due to how marijuana’s active ingredients are synthesized, the plant matter must be heated first to have the desired effect.

Consensus on the exact time and temperature for the process of Decarboxylating varies from person to person. It is known that too much heat for too long is disastrous.

A general rule of thumb for the process is to set your oven at 300 degrees for about fifteen minutes of baking. This will significantly improve the quality of your edibles.

To ensure the best results for your marijuana, you should consider preheating any cookware you plan on using to ensure even heat. You may also want to buy an oven thermometer to make sure that your temperature setting is correct for the task at hand. If you want to learn more about the process, click here.

You should also make sure that the production of marijuana edibles does not put you in danger of violating the law. You should learn what your state or countries’ laws cover before proceeding.

What Are the Advantages of Decarboxylating?

Because cannabinoids are acidic in nature, failing to heat them means that they will not be properly processed. This means they will have little to no effect when consumed. If you don’t use Decarboxylating as a part of your edible making process, you are throwing away time, money, and marijuana.

The part of the marijuana plant that is most important in Decarboxylating is known as terpenes. Some marijuana advocates claim that terpenes provide many medical benefits. These include reducing inflammation, an increase in focus, and stress relief.

Subjecting these terpenes to excess levels of heat for too long will ruin any psychoactive effects. This will also make any edible taste bitter and burnt. It is almost impossible to convert all of the inactive compounds in marijuana to active ones. However, the process of Decarboxylating provides the best results.

When you carry out this process, make sure to use an oven for even heating and temperature control. You should also make sure to allow the marijuana to cool completely before handling it or cooking with it.

Using methods like a slow cooker or boiling water is less effective. You also risk the marijuana being heated for too long and losing its potency.

Make the Most of Your Marijuana

Some people might enjoy the idea of consuming raw marijuana. However, it is far less effective than ingesting edibles that use Decarboxylating.

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