Even with all the new options in cable and streaming services, satellite TV can still hold its own. For selection, high definition, and live events, it’s hard to beat a satellite antenna.

How does a satellite TV antenna compare to other services? As it turns out, there are many benefits to these antennas that you shouldn’t overlook. Read on to find out more.

What is a Satellite Antenna?

A satellite antenna is also known as a parabolic antenna or dish antenna. These antennas use a parabolic reflector, which is a curved surface that resembles a shallow bowl. This shape reflects and focuses a satellite TV signal sent from a transmitter into a narrow beam picked up by a receiver.

Let’s learn more about the benefits that ensure this TV option is here to stay.

Satellite TV is More Accessible

Unless a cable is near you, you won’t be able to get cable services. These services are usually limited to urban areas.

Satellite is often accessible in rural areas as well as cities and towns. This is the case as long as the customer is within the satellite area covered by the service.

High Definition

With the right equipment, satellites can receive compressed high definition signals. This is great for those who prefer HD TV channels for their HD televisions. Satellite providers usually have a bigger high definition selection than cable.

Specifically, satellite service providers offer a much larger national HD channel selection. This is great for sports fans who want to view both regional and national games.

Even basic satellite packages include some high definition channels. Pricier satellite service bundles may also include popular movie channels.

More Content

Anyone in the market for TV services beyond basic channels wants to have a great and vast selection of their favorite programming. Satellite TV typically offers more content than cable, especially high definition content. It can do this because it isn’t at the mercy of bandwidth limitations.

Cable companies are currently changing their network infrastructure to deal with bandwidth issues, however, so the gap between satellite and cable is narrowing.

Better Pricing 

When you replace cable with an antenna, satellite television usually has a higher upfront cost than cable services. This isn’t always the case, as sometimes new customers qualify for free satellite equipment or free installation when they agree to a service commitment of one year or more.

Monthly pricing is often lower with satellite TV antenna use. Cable networks require more maintenance than satellite television. The cost of this maintenance can drive up the pricing of cable TV services, making them cost more per month than satellite. 

Get Great Service with a Satellite Antenna

A satellite antenna still offers a great selection and high-quality programming. It’s available to those in the city or the country, with competitive pricing and excellent content.

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